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    Heritage Propane and Metro Lawn were showcased in the Green Industry Expo in Louisville, Ky., October 25-29. Heritage was promoting propane as a proven engine fuel and alternative fuel, in conjunction with the Roush Drag Team. Just coming off a championship win, Susan Roush McClenghan appeared at the show along with her ROUSH Stage 3™ Mustangs to explain the advantages she has experienced with propane. She also presented a forum to the attendees, sharing her personal story with racing and how she came to use propane.

    "We are armed with the advancements in technology used to apply propane as a motor fuel; our team not only documented the capabilities of propane Autogas through dynamometer testing, but has proven it with winning performance on the track again and again,” Roush McClenghan said. "To be able to take American-produced propane motor fuel and compare it directly with foreign-sourced gasoline products in the heat of competition, and win, makes a real statement."

    Jim Coker, director of Metro Lawn explained, "if you doubt the power of propane as an engine fuel in mowers, just look at the power and results of Susan's propane powered Mustang!"

    Ed Varney, vice president at Heritage Propane added, "propane has been used for many years as an engine fuel and currently powers over 17 million vehicles in the world today. The environmental benefits make it an attractive and economical choice for mowers, vehicles and other equipment."

    About ROUSH Performance
    Based in Livonia, Mich., “The Art of Performance Engineering” takes place at ROUSH® Performance. To get a look behind the scenes at what goes on at Roush and how the vehicles are designed, manufactured and produced, log on to For more information see your local ROUSH® dealer, visit or telephone toll-free (800) 59-ROUSH. Follow us on twitter @_ROUSH_ or on Facebook at

    About Heritage Propane
    Heritage Operating L.P. a division of Energy Transfer Partners (Dallas, TX) distributes propane through a nationwide retail distribution network serving over 1.1 million customers from nearly 450 customer service locations in 41 states. Our operations extend from coast to coast, with concentrations in the western, upper Midwestern, northeastern, and southeastern regions of the United States. Heritage Propane is focused on several markets including autogas. If you would like more information on autogas please contact or visit

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