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    Hey guys,

    I have a couple of questions. I am in the process of getting licensed in TN and getting everything in order to start my business next year. First, how tight do you try to keep your service routes? I am trying to figure out how much drive time between customers is too much to be profitable. Also, as a solo operator, how many square feet of turf can realisticly be treated with a decent push spreader and dragging a hose for spraying?

    Thanks in advance,
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    I keep my route as tight as possible! you should be able to do 200-300k per day, that would be 20-30 average size lawns,but you can almost double that with a ride-on spreader/sprayer!
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    That much production is unrealistic in my opinion. For a new guy you will find your route is very spread out. How far to drive is a matter of opinion and judgement. I would say try to drive less than a hundred miles per day. You will be driving by hundreds of potential customers--who are being served by your competition. You can't help that. Unless you have no competition. Try to drive about 5 minutes or less between houses on average. You should be able to service about 15 per day at first--after a couple of years maybe you can get it up to 20 stops per day. If your average lawn is 8000 sq ft that would be about 160,000 sqft per day. A lot depends on the size of lawns and how spread out your community is. It is proably wise to concentrate your advertising on a few nearby suburbs. Much more profitable when jobs are close together. You are often losing money on distant jobs where driving time is 20 minutes or more. Once you are established try to sell off your jobs (to other companies) that are too far away.
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    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the advice. I am trying to soak in all the information I can from the experience on this board.

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    10 to 20 stops a day is about all youll get done with spraying and pushing fert if your average lawn is 1/4 acre

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    I imagine youre question was regarding residential lawncare, if you get involved in the commercial end of treatments you could easily spend a week or two on one property, for instance I have a cemetary about 147 acres of turf that takes me 6-7 days and really can mess with your residential scheduling, take this into consideration before taking on too much commercial and also realize commercial doesn't pay like residential.
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    I just got two cemetaries this year and really like the niche market in my area. Use a Magnum which is great being boomless going between stones. No one else around here has a Magnum and can manuever or be as effecient as I can with my PG.
    Just curious to what you charge per Ac. If you don't want to say over the site I understand. I don't overcharge by any means but make great money considering I covered 23 acres in about 9 hours. The cemerary said they have never had such a good job. Set my tip out on an angle to get about a 12-14 ft swath. Have to make sure there is no wind though.

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