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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by zechstoker, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Including Devaluation?
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    I'm not even sure what that means, to be honest.
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    A Blast from the Past! This is a post I made about a member that is no longer around. His posts and my translations and the end result. He was a lowballer and this is the life cycle of the lowballer that buys work.

    Remember this guy?

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    im with lawnworks, but lets just say i " started " over this year and have got about 35 weekly lawn maintenance accounts in a little over a month. i made a great flyer design that delivers a simple message at the right time. works like a charm. only passed about 1800 of them and plan on doing 10-12000 2-4 times this season. should be set in a few months.

    Translation: I just got 35 weekly lawn maintenance accounts in a little over a month because I lowballed the $hit out of them. I'm a friggin genius. Amazingly with only 1800 flyers.

    Heres where it gets really funny.

    Billie Bob's LLC
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    i need an a$$ kicking
    the story- ive been mowing for 3 years now. i recently switched from commerical to residential mowing this past year and at a high this year i had 40-45 lawns in a very short time.

    the problem- i hear this too much " sorry billy but we just can't depend on you".

    now i wouldnt post this if i wasn't looking for help. i need someone to put it thru my head and get me straight. i take full responsibility for my actions and somewhere throughout the season i kind of lost interest and got lazy. however, in all fairness to myself, ive got a truck that has been acting stupid lately. been at the ford house 3 times the last three weeks. im just not sure if i've gotten burned out or what.

    its to the point where i've questioned myself enough that i thought about joining the military to get my ass straight. i think it all happened when the highs were around 105-109 for 3 weeks straight and my truck screwed up all at the same time.

    my interest now is to get ride of the things i don't need ( get out of the payments ) and higher someone for next season and starting running a business and not a job where i might end up making 10-15/hr.

    if you've managed to read this far, thank you. help me sort it out. share experiences or just let me have it.


    Translation: Man its hot! I have all these accounts that I'm getting paid peanuts for. Did I mention its hot! I just realized that after I pay all my expenses I'm only making $10 an hour. Did I tell you its really hot? I don't want to do this anymore.

    The end resul

    Billie Bob's LLC
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    2005 f250 4x4 king ranch
    2005 f250 4x4. King Ranch edition.

    -crew cab.
    -6.0 powerstroke.
    -75,000 miles.
    -Tow Package
    -brake controller
    -power everything, dual power seats
    - 6-disc cd changer
    -parking sensors

    no problems whatsoever

    just had egr valve flushed. Runs great.
    had to sell business. no longer can afford.

    asking 25,750.

    if interested, ill post pics. just ask.

    Truck is same on on default pic
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    Hmmmmmm notice the part about selling the business. Translation: I finally figured out that I'm better off working for someone else because I was nothing but a lowballer. But hey its not lowballing its smart. You have to do what you have to do. Right? He didn't sell his business, there was nothing to sell but the truck he could no longer afford.

    Another one gone leaving behind his lowballer legacy. So the next time you get that call and hear....But the last guy was only charging me $20, you'll understand.


    Funny stuff. Notice a pattern here.

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    That's definitely a typical scenario, and I see what you're getting at. However, there's a huge difference between me and this "Billy Bob" character you're talking about.

    1.) I/we aren't in that deep to where there's no feasible way to turn things around.
    2.) Heat has no effect on the quality of my work. Every occupation I've held over the last decade has either been outside work year-around, or inside a manufacturing facility that was at a constant 110 degrees for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
    3.) If and when I "fall off the horse", I don't put it back in the stable or sell it to someone who can ride it better than me. I figure out why I fell, analyze and correct whatever mistake was made, and get back in the saddle with more confidence that I'll have a better ride from now on.

    When I set out to do something, I do it. Quitting is not an option.
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    yeah my point of view might change to wanting out of the business completely.

    but until I'm staying solo. when it either kills me or I can't physical do it anymore it will be time to close up shop and move onto something else.
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    I have seen some go into the mower shop business but most of them have employees too
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    At least he learned now... and $35 per man hour is a good start but you should be closer to $40 or $50.

    big change on lawnsite from a few years ago...used to be, guys wouldn't 'drop their gate' for less than $65/hr-

    Innovate or upgrade your service or you'll be down in the trenches slugging it out with the 'kid down the street' for the $20-$25 mowings=very tough life trying to make enough to retire--

    he said it right-- if you are just doing work and not thinking strategically, then you have a job...not a business.

    Regular work=regular income...which leads to being able to plan.
    planning your time allows you to figure how many guys to hire--and then grow-grow big enough and you can hire someone you can trust to run your business...and then therefore retire or sell the company-
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    I have Wright Stander I would sell. It is a 52" cut, around 250 hrs. Has been regularly maintained. Let me know if you are interested.
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    eehehe the 10 dollar lawn price on Craig's list is the reason and only reason you were drowning in calls. Most people know better and know its foolish to charge that little and realize your committing business suicide but still will hire you and save while they can. As for the heat if your sitting on a mower its not so bad but if your walking behind one it will become devastatingly clear how much of a disadvantage mowing that way is. Now we have 180 accounts atm some bye-weekly so we do 160-170 a week that brings in over $5000 and we do that in 3 days with just 4 of us. Can you start to see the advantages of ztrs and hydro walk-behinds now.
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    The advantages have always been clear as day to me, but it's just a matter of getting the boss to shell out the money for it. I keep hearing "we should get this, and we should get that" from him, but haven't seen any "action" as of yet. Last I heard, he dropped $800 on Thursday this past week for a couple Berchmeier backpack sprayers for my supervisor to use on his weed control accounts. At least someone's getting some upgrades around here. I'll get mine as well, all in due time.

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