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I'm looking for a decent routing software. Every year it seemes to get more and more tricky especially in the spring with new customers and trying to cordinate two trucks. It always seems like im loosing so much time tring to cordinate it on my own. I would like to go to the computer and print out my list for the day.

This year was aproximately 110 accounts most of them were res but 12 were comm. propertys. I know there is clip which is compatable with quick books but is there programs that you all like to use. And if any of you do use clip I would like to here about it.

Thanks for your help guys


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We demoed over a dozen software programs and switched to lawnmonkey last year after using quickbook for so many years. Try a search on yahoo or one of the others and you will come up with lots of programs. Try lawn and then do a search within a search for software. I think that will work.

Eric E.

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I've been using Lawn Monkey since the beginning of 2000. It is great and the customer service/tech help is awesome!!!A new version will be out shortly which will include PDA capabilities which will track almost everything including equipment hours. Eric


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Now I currently use Quickbooks for all our routing. I run a customer contact list report. I customize, and filter the list so it shows me the information I want. If you do the same route week in and week out you can just export to excel and print it out from there. I don't know if anyone else out there uses this, but it does work. Just takes some time to get familer with the different options. Saved me $ for a couple years. For the coming year we are looking at 400 to 500 accounts so we will go with Clip or lawn monkey.
Good Luck!