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Rover Rancher not cutting grass, not a good mower.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by apples017, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. apples017

    apples017 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 102

    For years I've use a Yardman MTD 12.5hp 38" cut. Beautiful cut, no problems.

    We bought a Rover Rancher about 2yrs ago. 13hp motor 30" cut. The cut on this thing is most of the time in my mowing situations well below acceptable.

    The only time it will mow gras ok, is when you are mowing a well maintained lawn. The laswn must have no weeds in it, and must have no tall stringy bits. Otherwise it simply will not cut it, full stop.

    It is that bad that you have to go over it twice. After going over it once, I reckon that there is about 20-30% grass that is not cut. Yeahs it's pretty bad.

    So I started thinking why the old yardman gave a smooth clean cut and this brand new rover didn't. Two things come to my mind that directly affect cut quality.
    1. Blade tip speed
    2. Distance between bottom edge of deck and cutting edge.

    1. If blade speed is to slow it will not cut properly. Solution, maybe I can mod the ROver Rancher and put a new higher geared pulley on so that it will give the blades a higer rpm. But dodgey because I don't know how fast you can safely spin blades untill they fatigue and fly off etc.

    So I had a look under the two mowers to compare. The Blades on the MTD Yardman are about 10mm or 3/8 below the edges of the cutting deck. The Rover on the other hand, the blades are flush level with the deck edge.

    I reckon that the Rovers deck pushes the grass over then if the grass is to long there is no room for it to spring back up and get hit by the blades. Short turf/grass is okay.

    The MTD the blades sit below the deck further therfore even if the grass is folded over it will still hit it.

    So what to do, what to do.

    Phoned up the mower shop, and they said to either cut some steel out of the front deck. I do beleive that the COX mowers have a flap at the front that you can pull up.


    You can use COX blades on the 30" Rover deck. They are shaped different and have a step down thing in them. This will lower the blades slightly below the edge of the cutting deck. Hopefully this fixes the problem.

    As the Rover Rancher is AU made. It has to stick to AU design and saftery regs. The MTD being USA made probably has differnt regs. Also it is older so maybe they have brought in new regs since the too.

    Anyway, when you pay $000 for a new machine and it don't cut grass like an old bombed out ride on will, I get quite pi**ed off.

    So hopefully this fixes it. Buying new blades tomorrow. Will post the results.

    Two pics below. One showing Yardman blade hanging below deck (can fit my finger in the gap), the other pic is the Rover deck.

    Has anyone experienced this before?

    Toowoomba, Qld


  2. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 21,653

    Sure, I find it is best to have the blade flush with the edge such as in your second picture, any further down presents a safety issue, those blades in the first picture fairly defeat even having a deck, of course the further up the blade the worse the cut but flush is good enough... I usually adjust this with washers thou my machines are made so you can do that, still every machine you can do it thou on some you may have to hunt down a longer blade bolt.

    I won't argue with you, it's your business and you do as you see fit, but those blades hanging out from the deck are too low.

    Looks like you're using high lifts, they may not work well if the deck is a mulcher, that's the other thing affects the cut is deck design.
    Some are high air flow, others aim towards mulching, all of this can affect what type of blade works best.
    I would try switching mulching blades vs. high lifts for now, whichever you have, try the other kind.

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