ROW spray?

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    Hello, I have been in the lawn biz for years and have been succesful with this as an owner/operator. I have a golden opportunity to get into ROW and wonder if there are any out there that do this as a second business and if so, does it seem to be lucrative??
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    ROW Right Of Way???

    Many many years ago I heard of a Road and Right away contract for $ 100K a year and darn near busted my hump getting all the information. Then I saw it worked out $ 10.00 an acre to not only mow but pick up all the trash people threw out of their cars etc. Of course the acre wasn't Square but rather long and slim with lots of signs etc to weed eat around.
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    No, not mow---spray. Total Vegetation Control. Right-Of-Way
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    OK I was talking ROADS and you are talking RR and power line Right of way???? De Anglo Brothers Hazelton Pa are the biggest contractor of ROW.
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    no he's talking about spraying along the ROW (right of way) no mowing at all....I belive as long as it ROW spraying its a easlier license that the others...
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    Here in Florida it is a 50 Question multiply guess test taken at your local extension office for Free. That license is a Chapter 487 Bureau of Compliance Monitoring or Agriculture type license that costs $ 300 for 4 years and doesn't require insurance. Chapter 483 or Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control is the mac daddy licensing agency that does Horticulture Structural and Termite licenses
  7. GrasGuru

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    I should have explained better. I believe this will be mostly short track vegetation control from the main line RR to mfg facilities. I'm scheduled to have lunch with a man who did this for 20+ years on Monday. He just retired last year and still has all of his contacts and one of the trucks he used. Like I said, it seems like it could be a golden opportunity. Lots of details to be worked out though. I just wanted to get some opinions from those who might have experience in this area.
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    I am real surprised the De Anglo Brothers don't already have that contract or that your friend beat them out for that many years. But this could be one of those areas where the little guy can do it cheaper than the big boy with overhead.

    Any time you can find that Niche Market it can be very lucrative. Of course you must pick and chose the right Niche.
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    Wow, sounds like you need to follow this through. It would be nice if you could pick up all the old equipment and the information on contracts is priceless.

    I think ALOT of big companys subcontract for Asplundh, who control ROW contracts from Canada, US and Mexico. Don't know if they are the biggest ROW world wide but they are close to it. First time I saw those orange trucks I thought they were some fly by night company, I know better now. :hammerhead:
  10. GreenCare Consulting

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    ROW can be profitable, but you will need to have license category for it, some equipment, and maybe insurance. Also, the chemicals are different from the lawn chemicals if you want to do a good job. There is longer residual also, and a lot more applicator exposure and negative emotion around it. RR tracks would be a good place to work, since you will be out of sight for the most part. But, you know, if you kill an acre of brush for a cell phone tower some concerned citizen is going to call someone, and you better be sure you have your application records right when they do.

    Hope this helps!


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