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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by odin, Sep 24, 2001.

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    thank you, three answer and three options on where to look for specific options and prices. Gotta love this site
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    I bought 3 sendec units last fall,2 out of the 3 are junk already.One is on my powerwasher,on the frame,it quit last week,with only 11 hrs on the meter,1/2 the LCD went out one week,the next week it was all dead,the other is on my 8hp little wonder blower,it died a month ago with 16 hrs on the meter,the meter was mounted on the frame.Theo nly one that survived is on the steiner,it has 389hrs on it since i put it on.The tiny tach on the Dixie seems to be much better made IMO.I wont buy any more sendac units,Sendac says not to mount it where it gets over 125 degrees,exposed metal gets that hot in direct sunlight on my trailer,or in my shed on an august day,so that may be why they burned up,where as the steiner sits in a huge barn that never gets any hotter than outside temps during the day.
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    I picked up my Tiny Tach this afternoon and installed it. It came in a Briggs plastic bag. I just asked my small engine shop to get me one. Price was $41.

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