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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RSK Property Maintenance, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. bakertbyc

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    you buy that truck off a dude name jessie?
  2. RSK Property Maintenance

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    that was 1/4 of the reasoning to buy a crew cab vs. an extended cab. I hope to have kids in the next 5-10 years.

    nope, what state is this jessie fellow from? the truck was originally from mass, but i bought it in ct from a used car dealer, they most likely bought it at the auction. whoever owned it before me, which was the original owner played a lot of hockey, because there are hockey rinks all over the north east in the gps, including quite a few trips to toronto in canada. and the truck was a custom order so the guy had a decent amount of money.
  3. noahb195

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    Anything new been going on lately?
  4. RSK Property Maintenance

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    not really. I put a much bigger ad in the paper last week, and plan to send out 3 waves of flyers 10k at a time, in an effort to get more lawns, and hit 10-14k gross and get my expenses down to 1-2k per month unless I do a shrub install job or brick job, which i don't do a lot of. went to PA a few weekends back for a dyno day to dyno my truck. I've been messing with new truck a lot, not sure how much it will be used for work, probably just as a back up/estimate truck....


    little transformation of my truck. it also layed down 547/1030 with a hot street tune only. I have a race tune I can load in it and it should bump the power close to 600/1100. stock transmission and everything holds it very well, with very little to no smoke, so I can still tow with it if I wish too, there are thousands of people running around in this same tune, no issues tune related for over 100,000 miles.
  5. whiffyspark

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    Who's tunes are you running?

    I'd lose sticker on bed
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  6. RSK Property Maintenance

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    gear head automotive, I actually chose to only buy the one hot street tune, and it has exceeded my expectations, and I plan to delete the fx4 sticker, and delete the rest of the chrome. but the bumpers to paint are close to 500 each, then another 3-400 to paint each of them probably closer to 500 since the truck has a tri coat paint with metallic flake in it. It will get done, but i have bigger priorities on my list for the spring. need to push the lawn mowing even harder and get more accounts so summer is busy like spring, and hopefully get more plowing accounts for the winter.
  7. whiffyspark

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    Paint to match or black?
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  8. recycledsole

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    Good luck RSK, I have the same plan to try get more mowing to keep summer busy. I also have many flyers too. Thanks for your help before
  9. Junior M

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    What did you do with your stock wheels?
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  10. SIWEL

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    Truck looks good, did you use stock smoked Clearence lights or get led ones?

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