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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RSK Property Maintenance, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Green Finger

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    nice trailer
  2. RSK Property Maintenance

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    thanks, it doesn't come easy, i am very thankful that my parents have provided me a roof over my head so that i can focus on reinvesting in my company with any profits, instead of having to pay rent for an apartment, i pay rent for a shop but i am moving out of that this weekend so i can take that 500 a month and pay off one of my credits, then snow ball that payment towards my other credit card, for 3-4 months and i have no credit card debt, then knock out my dump trailer in less then a year, if its not paid off my november. then i can save for another truck and stay debt free. hopefully. but thanks i really love the dump trailer, the new landscape trailer hasn't been so great, the quality isn't there in big tex or maybe my trailer was part of a bad batch who knows.
  3. Porkins

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    I still love your f250 and that is coming from a GM person.
  4. RSK Property Maintenance

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    thanks. i want several gm vehicles once i'm making some real money, 2008-10 chevy crew cab dually duramax/allision combo, all white with tints, lifted about 7-9" on 37's with 24" american force wheels in black, then either a Cadillac cts v. or corvette z06 or zr1 not sure yet, i'll make the choice when i have cash. but those some of the gm products i can't wait to own.
  5. Tyler259

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    Are you still solo or did you hire anyone? Website looks good man, you been using subs for some of that work?

    How's the tree work coming along, find a nice bucket truck yet?

    Take it easy.
  6. RSK Property Maintenance

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    No still solo, i had some part time help last year, but nothing this year, some weeks ill bring on 1 guy for a day to tackle the lawns. I do 1 day of mowing on my own then i'll do one day with help. Only work i use a sub on is the stone work and my brother does that, but i don't push it so no requests for it. I found several nice bucket trucks im just trying to pay off 4k in cc debt and save some money up. Maybe by august ill buy a bucket truck.
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    I'm In the same boat with my current living situation. I'm going to be buying an enclosed within the next couple weeks and already have a place to park it so no issues with my equipment at my [parents] house anymore except when I have a dump trailer or skid loader overnight. I'm very thankful I'm able to press hard at reinvesting into my business & not worry about rent.
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  8. RSK Property Maintenance

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    oh i had a problem with that, and they told me i had to get a shop so i did, and for about 14 months i wasted 450 a month on a shop to keep my equipment at. It was kinda nice, but the reality of it is and was all my stuff fit at my house in my parents garages just now i'm moving out of my shop and back home with my equipment but the town has sent us letters saying we can't run a business out of our house, so i had to find somewhere to keep my trailers...but that is solved thanks to a buddies farm down the road.
  9. RSK Property Maintenance

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    little update. I sold my little wonder wednesday and drove to chambersburg,pa and picked a hurricane 314. with getting breakfast and stopping for diesel it ended up taking me 7 hours on the way down, and 6 on the way back and cost 125 both ways for the diesel to go 732 miles. I did all the driving myself. what a pita, but it's home now.


    where I ended up buying it from..


    tied down in the truck...


    parked in my driveway after "testing it"



    I was a little mislead before I bought it. I thought each deflector had a control switch but only one does. not a big deal. then I thought there were two independent controls for left and right and that's also false, either way it turns very sharp anyways and has tons of power a lot more then my little wonder for sure. I can't really report on how well it does in heavy leaves because I don't have any piles to push yet, but next week I will be using it heavily. I did however do my neighbors driveway which had 1" of pine needles coating the whole thing and sent them clear across very quickly. much quicker then my br600 would have and much quicker then my little wonder would have, and much further!

    probably gonna have the front wheels powder coated gloss black for cleaner look..., maybe a few other pieces. I also would like to get it lettered up to match my dump trailer. maybe where it says 314 on the front put Rsk then property maintenance under it....
  10. Tizzy

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    why did you drive all the way to PA for that?

    was it a huge price difference or did none of the dealers in the area have them?

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