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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RSK Property Maintenance, Mar 30, 2013.

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    no one in the country had one from what I could find...this was one of the last ones sold and they aren't making anymore to the best of my knowledge. most dealers within a 300 mile radius only got one of these and that was years ago, they were big sellers because they originally went for around 4500. then dealers doing end of season sales and spring sales to bring the price down to 3295 or around there anyways and they sold some of them.
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    So they aren't making hurricane blowers anymore? Those things looked awesome to have, i was hoping to buy one someday, just hard to justify the purchase. A local dealer has a really nice unit up there ,I was looking at but I haven't talked to him about it. It was alittle different than yours, let us know how it works for you.
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    How much accounts are you up too? do you think you will make a career out of this
  4. RSK Property Maintenance

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    they are still making them from what I heard, just the 314 model which I bought isn't being sold anymore so the cheapest hurricane is the blow vac 427 for 8295, but its also a truck loader and with a 27hp kohler. its a pretty stout truck loader at that. so the truck loader is 5000 if you were to buy a new giant vac unit by itself maybe even more. then a decent push blower like the a little wonder or billy goat with 14 or 18hp could be 2300-2500 so really that hurricane for 8k isn't even a bad deal. but unless you want the truck loader, its not worth it.


    its definitely a blast to use. my parents hosted a surprise engagement party for my brother and fiancee, and everyone was like what they heck is that thing. because conveniently there is no room in my garage for this yet, so it was parked in front of the garage, and everyone who walked in saw it, and was asking about it. I'll take some video of it later today with my iphone. I'm heading to my grandmas to do a first pass at her house. I'll get footage with the go pro later when I get home. I still have to set that up.

    24 so far. but with my 24 accounts they bring in enough to pay all my bills, and there's a decent profit left over too. but as you can see I take the profit and put it back into the business to buy things to make my life easier and jobs go quicker. I am in the beginning stages of making it into a career. I've been at as my only source of income since 2010. I opened my business legit, licensed and insured since april of 2011, and have been going up from there. also I should mention I only work 2-3 days a week except spring and fall.
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    looks good man. how much is it to have your truck lettered like that? is it vinyl?
    thanks and good luck for the leaf season
  6. RSK Property Maintenance

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    thanks man the truck was done a while ago, I think it was 200 maybe? not expensive, I'm actually gonna have the truck redone to look like the dump trailer lettering,

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    Take the pin that holds the second deflector down and throw it away, Also if you have any lawns with decient hills the machine will turn off when pointed down a steeper hill for more then a few seconds due to the low oil switch, if that happens let me know and i will show you how to unplug the low oil switch so it never shuts off again.
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    Nice buy. I'm pretty sure that they still make them. There was a recall a couple of years ago but nothing about discontinuing. I looked at one last year as a matter of fact and it was priced around $9k. If I'm not mistaken it was much larger than the older ones and had a 30hp engine.
  9. RSK Property Maintenance

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    I thought the pin might be of some use, but you have years more experience running or should I say playing with these so you would know exactly what to do. the pin will be taken out tomorrow. and I tried it on my neighbors yard and it kept starting to stall when ever I would point the nose of it down a decent hill. but it held the hill great. I took a video of my brother messing around on it before we did my grandparents leaves at there house. then a second video of him moving a pile of leaves that was 3-4ft high. and I used to have to use the mower to plow those piles not anymore! the little wonder was useless with piles over 2' high.
  10. RSK Property Maintenance

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    the they make the hurricane blo vac 427 with a 24 or 25hp subaru and they make the x3 still. im pretty the hurricane 314 the "cheaper one" is no longer for sale. if it is. i would suggest you get one if you can use it. the 427 and the x3 seem like nice units, and very useful, as well as reasonably priced if you are in the market for 27hp leaf loader and a high quality high efficiency wheeled blower on steroids. if you were to price a 27hp giant vac leaf loader or little wonder or whatever brand you want, its probably gonna be close to 6-7k then add a nice little wonder for another 2k and your close to if not at the 9k they want for the x3 which is the highest quality machine so. I would have bought that model if the leaf loader was needed. but its not. to buy it only for a ground blower, isn't worth it imo way too much money for a blower. but the 2600 i paid for the 314 100% worth it. actually only 1900 out of pocket for the blower because I sold my little wonder for 700.

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