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  1. usg2949

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    Curious to know if anyone has used RFT Fescue. I heard it on a local Kansas City radio gardening show and they were talking highly about it. It sounds like a good product but wasnÂ’t for sure about the success ratio.

  2. Hamons

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    Good ole Toby Tobin

    Much of waht he spouts is snake oil. Hummert Fertilizer -- junk. But -- some of what he spout si s good. Problem is -- he is sucha great salesamn -- it all sounds so good.

    I have used Rhizatomous Fescue in my seed blend for the last three years. i use a particualr strain called Grande. I have had excellent result s-- and the rhizomes are difinetly noticeable and the grass does recover and become more full than normal fescues.The only problem with RTF berand rhizatomous Fescue is that it is overpriced. Over $2.00/bag at most nurseries. You might check with Scott stanley at Prosurce one about the Definace blend of seed with Grande.
  3. usg2949

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    Thanks for the reply, I will call Scott. Can you tell me what location he is located at? Your right Toby is one heck of a sales person. Also, do you think it would be ok to apply RFT alone and not mixing another seed to the app. I am about to reseed my bluegrass lawn and I want make sure I am not waisting money or have a discolored lawn.
  4. Hamons

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    After looking furterh at the post you have posted it appears you are a homowner and not needing to buy lots of seed. Prosource one would not be aviable opportunity for you if that was the case -- they sell the seed by the ton.

    You will probably be limited to off the shelf products. The one RTF I know of sold at most tnurseriesis called watersaver. It is expnsive -- but I'm sure wotrth it. If you are seeding only one yard -- the price difference would not be all that dramtic. You could also go to Lesco in Olathe and use their transition blend. It uses Padre TTF and I beleive that has some rhizatomous qualities. I don't have any direct expereince with it for the last couple years though.
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    Ohio State University has done several research test plots with these new fescues over the last couple years. Their findings are that there is some rhizome activity (about 10-15%), but nowhere near the up to 90% claimed in advertisements. Some cultivars tested were Titan Ltd., Grande 2, and Scott's winter active fescue. I do like the turf type tall fescues and look to see future improvements on this front.
  6. Smith Seed

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    The Grasspad now carries Titan Ltd. (www.TitanLimited.com). They have multiple locations:

    Grass Pad Warehouse - Olathe, KS
    425 N Rawhide Dr. (I-35 & Santa Fe)
    913-764-4100 or 800-922-4100

    Grass Pad - Lee's Summit, MO
    1711 NE Rice Rd (291 Hwy & Colbern Rd)

    Grass Pad - Barry Road KCMO
    11500 NW Barry Rd (3 mi. West of I-29 on Barry Rd)

    Grass Pad - Stilwell, KS
    8160 W. 199th Street(Hwy 69 & 199th)

    Grass Pad - St Joe, MO (At the Old Mill)
    805 S. 36th Street (1 block West of Belt Hwy)
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    are we to assume these RTF's are going to be a thatch nightmare like the blues?
  8. All Season Bill

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    You know what Kickin? You brought up a good point. I have a feeling it IS going to be a thatchy nightmare.

    I've tried finding the seed and its only packaged in small bags for the home owner. I know of no major supplier that carries it in larger quanities.

    Has anyone talk to their local extension agent about rtf yet?
  9. leejp

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    I bought 200#s last Fall and the shipping was very reasonable to NY. Sure beats Home Depot or local garden center prices.

    It really didn't mature enough for me to pass strong judgement but I like it so far. It's not that deep lush green or finely bladed as Kentucky Blue that's popular around here (I'm in upstate, NY) but Kentucky Blue is pretty much brown around here in July/August unless one waters heavily. So if it's hardier and I can live with the looks (we'll see this year), thums up for me.

    Oh... I rented a Billygoat slit seeder to overseed. I highly recommend that anyone overseeding rent one as well.
  10. vegomatic40

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    Grande, Watersaver and a few other RTF cultivars have been on the market for years now and none seem to live up to the hype. I've done numerous test plots and seen nothing that impressive yet. Some I treated with pre-emergents after maturity (Barricade, Dimension,Pendimethalin) some I did not. Could not see a appreciable difference in rhizomes and believe me, thatch would be the least of my concerns. While these conditions do not replicate laboratory conditions, my customers lawns don't either.

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