Rubber Cutting Edges on Boss 8'2" V-Plows


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Has anyone put rubber cutting edges on a Boss V? Was thinking that it would help with hitting some hidden obstructions. How long do you think it would take to wear out since the Boss's are heavier than most regular plows? Do they come pre drilled or will I have to buy one for a 8.5' and cut it in half and drill holes?

I am in no hurry, so enjoy your plowing guys!!!



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I have about 25 hours now on a urethane edge from mts on my Boss 8'2" V. It is much more forgiving than before, from curbs to grass. I ordered the 8.5 foot length, then cut it with a large tooth blade on a sawsall. Cut like a hot knife through butter. I left the extra length on, so it sticks out a couple inches on each side.

It has hardly even wore down to the angle of attack yet, so I'm assuming it's pretty tough.

All in all, so far I like it.


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Well the rubber wont last anyway near as long as urethane, but it will help with the lack of tripping on the plow. Rubber will run alomost as much as urethane, but wont last as long and has a tendency to tear.
Call me at 860-859-0739 and I will be happy to quote you a price. I have that edge in stock and ready to ship.

John Allin

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J. Thomas Distributors sells rubber cutting edges for all Boss plows....

However, for the money - I'd go with polyurethane. It doesn't cost much more to go to polyurethane than to rubber. You'll get more life out of the urethane, and that alone would justify the minor increase in cost.

And... I don't sell them so I have nothing to gain from my opinion (just so you don't think Dino is blowing smoke up your anal pore).