Rubber Tracks for Sandy or Saturated Turf

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    :usflag:MADE IN THE USA!

    My name is John Wright owner of Summit Lawn Mower Company introducing track driven remote control lawn mowers ideal for steep hills, saturated or sandy soil where other mowers would tear up the turf or just flat out get stuck in the mud. If you have ever heard of someone flipping a lawn mower down a hill, you can see where this is going. The dual rear wheel drive ZTR-22-SE is light weight and powerful enough to knock down tall thickets without rutting up wet ground along the edges of retention ponds, dams, and levees. With the wide footprint of the track driven TRX models, sandy soil and steep hills is no problem.
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    How about a website or better yet a U tube of your mower in action in different tough areas?????????????

    I am a Pesticide guy so I am only a interested spectator. But I would like to see these at work.

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    I too would like to see some video of the machine in action.

    I think the days of the Lawn Jockey are about numbered if they can get remote control mowers going efficiently and effectively.

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  5. johnwright238

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    Here's my only concern, and it goes with any mower.

    If the mower is dedicated to hillsides, will the gas motor last long with all the oil going to one side of the oil pan or another?

    Or, have you guys worked around the issue with a different sump design?

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    To what grade are they effective?
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    The videos on his website are pretty impressive. That's a steep bank it's cutting.:usflag:
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    Not as long as the lawn jockey is a cheaper investment. Which I can assure you they always will be as they will drop their price non stop until they feel they are successful. As the old saying goes, you should know history because it is bound to repeat itself.

  10. I doubt they will ever mow, open the gates, pick up sticks and such. Then weed trim, edge the driveway, then cleanup and blow the driveway, plus kiss ass and talk to the customers as if they are actually decent people; which most aren't... gotta stroke that human ego. We are safe for another 100 years... Until robots take over. TERMINATED!
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