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    Has anybody tried the fungicide Rubigan? It's labeled for a lot of fungus including necrotic ring spot, dollar spot, summer patch, fusarium blight both gray and pink snow mold, among others.

    I have a few lawns with necrotic ring spot I'd like to try it on. And the application window is right now. Also how spendy is this stuff? it comes in either wettable powder or liquid.

    Any comments appreciated.
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    Finarimol will work well, as will cyproconazole and propiconazole. They are all expensive. Stay away from bedzimidazole group fungicides, they are least effective. These would be thiophanate-methyl, benomyl, ect.

    Finarimol comes in suspenstion and requires agitation both while mixing and during spraying.

    Good Luck,
    Jim L

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