Rugby/Dejana landscape dumps

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by supercuts, Feb 27, 2007.

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    anybody have one? i have a 12' on a 00' f550 i just picked up. i love it until i took it into a shop to see if they can fit a reciever into the rear plate. the tank is up against it so he said that he would have to fab it all externally off the rear. that is the minor problem.

    the bigger problem is that will he was checking it out he pointed out a few things i overlooked when i got it, such as punch outs on the dump frame to fit different manufactors frames. this weakens the frame of dump which lays ontop of the truck frame. then he noticed the bad one, where the sissor lift attaches to the dump frame is cracked and has been welded. the welds have also cracked. he told me not to load anything heavy in it and that welding the dump frame like that is illegal. ill be checking warrantee coverage if any on this. i would imagine its the same frame for all dejana/rugby dumps, whether it be mason, rack, or landscape. anyone experience anything simular?

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    To help you figure things out, Rugby is the brand of the dump Dejana is the truck equipment company who installed it, if your close take it back to Dejana and have them look at it. I can gurantee you that they didn't weld it I am sure it was the owner or welding shop.
    Dejana link
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    I just picked mine up last month. I'll post a pic after the graphics go on Thursday. Like the sig says it is a Scott dump body.
    As far as the punch outs in the dump frame, I ordered mine with a bump rail welded to the outside of the main bed frame and deleted the punch outs in the main bed frame rails. This let me use a full 2x4's for the support of the 2, 2x12's that make up each side of the side boards.
    I'll get a close up shot of the hitch-plate weld work. The welders at the up-fitters are some of the best I've seen.

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