Rugged smart phones??

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by yardmanlee, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. yardmanlee

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    Im in the market for a smart phone, currently I have a samsung rugby flip phone, this is one tough phone and has lived up to the normal everyday wear and tear, dropped a million times run over by the velke, been wet too many times and the amount of dust that goes along w/ our type of work, I've looked at the casio g'zone commando, and talk to the cell people about the droid and iphone w/ the otterbox, they seem to think it would last?? what do you have?? what doesnt work?

  2. ben fritz

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    Iphone with the Otter box and its been droped, ran over and wet and never had a problem with it. whatever you get make sure you get the Otter box

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  4. nepatsfan

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  5. psdnate

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    I had the otter box and didn't like it. I now have the life proof case for my iphone and love it. You can actually take it swimming. Down side is it costs $80
  6. Popeye77

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    Samsung has a Rugby smart phone when this Atrix craters that's what I'm getting. I have a Rugby flip phone and it's held up well. Wife has it now.
  7. Mark Oomkes

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    Actually, my Evo has held up very well. Just about as good as any other phone I've had. Dropped, sat in water twice, snow.

    Too bad the service from Sprint isn't as good as the phone.

    The Otterbox is overrated, it makes the phone huge and makes it sound like you're talking in a tin can.
  8. Greg78

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    Same here broke 2 otterboxes. Really like my Lifeproof case.
  9. Chrisc1987

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    iPhone 4s otter box ran over by ztr 2 times and still a kicken with no scratches or anything
  10. caseysmowing

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    Just got iphone with the life proof case. So far so good. Wish the case came in bright colors but you can put some refective tape on one side if you want.

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