Run of good luck...kinda

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turfguy33, Apr 22, 2001.

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    This week has been great. On Monday, I was mowing one half of a du-plex, I was almost done when the neighbor ran out and wanted hers done. Was almost done again when the owner of the other du-plexs came out and wanted me to start doing 5 of his rental properties....All side by side.....That made my day on Monday. On Wednesday, I got a call from an Apartment complex that I put a bid on in febuary. She said that the "scrub" that originally got the job wasn't doing the job, and was looking in windows and stuff so I was next in line so to speak. On Saturday I did my routine mowing at an ederly mans house. He came out and wanted me to trim some shrubs for him too. I shot him a price and he agreed. After I was done, He gave me $15 more dollors than what I asked. He said that was a tip for always doing a good job. That's the first tip that I have gotten......It really made my day.
    The only bad thing that happened was I ran over a dead squirrel while mowing on friday. Didn't see it until it was too late, didn't hurt my blades or my mower, but it stunk.......bad........Luckly it was on a big commercial property, and really didn't have to clean up, since it was mulched anyways.
    I'm just happy right now, hope this keeps this up. I gained an extra $465.00 a week this week,
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    some days just good
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    the good work!

    Glad to hear your doing well. Keep doing the customer right and you will keep getting more work!

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