Run over by a tiger cub!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ZX12R, May 27, 2003.

  1. ZX12R

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    I ran into my friend at the nursery who was walking with a crutch(He broke his leg). I said," what happened to you"? He said he was putting the machine on his trailer. He got off the machine,slipped on the gate,while he was falling his hand grabbed the forward controls causing the machine to creep up his leg.Luckily,the machine shut off when his hand released the controls. He actually worked for an hour and went home.The next morning,he was putting on his socks getting ready to go to work when he heard a loud popping noise from his leg.He went to the hospital where it was found that he broke his leg!

    Friend of mine has a walker and he was telling me how he has all the safeties on the machine disabled so he can get off the machine with the blades engaged. I,also,have a walker,and after hearing what happened to my friend,will never consider disabling anything.

    I guess I posted this to remind everyone to respect your machines. Imagine if this guy disconnected the safeties!
  2. nelbuts

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    Ok something is not right here. If he got off the mower the brake would have had to be engaged or it would shut off.
  3. proenterprises

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    JOB #1-> BE SAFE:blob2: :blob2: :blob2: :blob2: :blob2:

    I had the same thing happen to a buddy who had a garden tractor and he duct tapped teh little prong on the seats that made it still stay on when he got up. He got off one day and went to pick somthing up in front of him and it slipped into gear............
  4. Jimbo

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    Nelbuts- Ditto!!! Either it is a fictitious story or the safety devices were by-passed.
  5. Bunton Guy

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    I have had some close calls on banks and creek sides....just thinking of what could happen would stop me in my tracks from taking the safeties off.
  6. ZX12R

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    Jimbo,why in the world would I make up a story like that? You think I have time to waste???
  7. Dan1944

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    Makes sense to me

    while he was falling his hand
  8. ZX12R

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    Dan,I do not get it either but I am not familiar with the controls and how they work on a skag. I know with my walker,when I am off the machine and I move the controls forward,it will not go,but it will go in reverse. I am assuming most rideons are like this,but,I guess they are not. When he was telling me the story, I was trying to figure out why the machine moved at all,but one thing is for certain..................his leg is broken.
  9. Jimbo

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    Dan1944- If it makes sense to you its because you dont have a Cub.

    ZX12R- Dont be so defensive. I never said you made up the story but maybe your friend was not being honest. It was either that or the story has not been relayed exactly the same way it happened.

    The way the Cub is designed if all saftey devices are in place when you get off the seat the engine will die if----
    1. The control levers are not out in a lock position.
    2. The brake lever is not engaged.

    Now for this story to happen the way it was described there would have had to been "3" safety devices which were by-passed. One for each lever and one for the brake.

  10. Gravely_Man

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    Be careful out there as it only takes a moment and then you end up with a serious injury. I would never disable any safety switches and if you have any employees and they get hurt with disabled safety equipment you might be in big trouble.


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