Run the mowers over it or not?


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South Carolina
Over the past few years, during the off season work such as leaves etc, I have always run my mowers over the grass regardless. Many lawn care businesses in my area simply blow the leaves, driveways, etc. and they are on to the next........For some reason it just looks "cleaner after a once over with the mowers, however, it does take more time. I ask if any of you do the same, because it doesn't seem that the owners of these properties the others are doing seem to mind the "dirty" look.


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Oly Wa
That's when Walkers are nice! Sucks things up and the turf looks clean. :)


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Always run the lazer with UV over the yard...Picked up a couple of nice full maintenance accounts this year from one time fall clean ups. I just make it a point to stripe the hell out of em after we are done cleanin up all the leaves. Leaves them in awe...

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