running 2 hose reels of a 4 roller pump

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by steve's total lawn care, Feb 12, 2008.

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    Any guys on here ever runned 2 hose reels off a 4 roller pump and still had enough pressure to spray with in other words will it work. My freind just made his skid sprayer and this is how he plumbed it he asked me if it would work i said i dont know cause i use a pump engine combo for each hose reel, then he came over and looked at mine and said maybe my setup will work i dont have the money to buy another engine and pump to have the setup you do, so i guess you live and learn but in my opinon i think he will have problems what do you guys think will this work for him.
  2. ted putnam

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    I would think calibration would be an issue. Maybe not though. We used to run 2 reels off a PTO driven Bean pump when I worked for Chemlawn years ago. The Roller pump would be my issue. I've never used one but have been told fertilizers, WP's, DG's and the like are hard on them. Anything other than L's and EC's and you'll be changing the pump all the time. Just what I've been told.
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    I agree with Ted.

    But what exactly do you mean? Does he intend to spray with both hands or use an assistant?

    Or do you mean two tanks for different products? If so, then remember that each tank has an outflow valve and hose going to the filter and pump. And then a pressure regulator valve with a pressure relief hose going back to original tank--which usually serves agitation nozzles inside tank. Separate hose and valve for each tank. If you flip the wrong valve, the backflow enters the wrong tank. Cross contamination. Wrong tank fills up as the right tank drains and the wrong tank potentially could overflow out the top.

    Also there should be a bypass valve which just sends the flow back to the tank with no pressure.
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    Roller pumps typically do not provide enough pressure to operate two hose reels. We also ran John Bean pumps in the old ChemLawn days of the 70's, but only on service (pickup) trucks with one hose reel. You're better off using diaphram pumps like Hypro D-30's.
  5. steve's total lawn care

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    RigglePLC he is going to hire another person to help him thats why he has 2 reels hooked up. Thank god he lives in another town 60 miles away from me all his helpers he has had have been drunks of dopers i feel bad for him cause he cant find good help hell i even told him just do it his self but he says he has over 150 accounts thats why i need someone to help me. But i told him i have 300 accounts most of them i do my self other than the bigger accounts then i use one of my hands to help out thank god he has a service tech lic. Anyways i heard the centrifiqual pumps are geared more towards hooking up multiple hose reels
  6. RigglePLC

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    OK. In the old days at Tru Green we had a few two hose teams. 1200 gallon tank, two reels, 500 feet half-inch hose and a 4 cylinder Bean pump. Pump was rated at of 20 gallons per minute (at low pressure) and powered by truck PTO. (At high pressure the pump was less efficient, and a lot of flow was lost due to friction in the hose.) Since we mixed liquid fertilizer and weed killer together, each hose had to put out 4 gallons per minute. Worked fairly well--if you stayed on big lawns. But often the guys walked too fast while spraying. Often they applied 3 gallons per thousand sq ft, not 4 gallons.

    So...for your friend, how many gallons will it pump at the needed pressure and hose length? Can your friend's pump put out 4 gallons per min from each hose? Is two gallons enough?
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    also keep in mind that if one guy stops spraying..if not plumbed properly...your pressure would increase on the second line and result in higher flow and youru calibration would be off...

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