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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    As the subject said I was running a 331 Bobcat mini doing a small job for my dad. The machine is a rental it is being shipped off some where so I thought I might aswell get some use out of it. The machine isn't brandnew it has 2500 hours on it it must be about a 2006 machine maybe older.

    I ran the machine for 1.5 hours working some material pulling the rocks out and spreading some of the fines. First of all what a piece of crap the machine is just as tippy as the 325 I ran 6 years ago. The material I was working with is pretty coarse the boulders are 100-200lbs. I grabbed one of the largest boulders I say 200lbs the machine darn near rolled over with the boom stretched out a little ways. The controls are not smooth no matter how hard you tried to feather the sticks the thing was jumpy. I had it throttled right up I never run a machine at low rpms. Even with the blade down the machine flopped all over like a frigging carnival ride. I couldn't get a decent grade using the clean up bucket. The thing had no digging power you curl the bucket and the machine powered out. Then do something else no power than all of a sudden it over powers.

    I have ran a old EX-150 Hitachi with over 13,000 hours that performed better than the Bobcat mini. I did the best I could and dad will have to do the rest by hand. I got the big rocks out of the material.

    I really hope who ever is going to be using the machine isn't plan on doing fine work they will never do it.

    Ya its a rental machine and its been ragged on. It doesn't matter if the Bobcat Mini is larger the machine still is tippy and no power.

    I know I won't be renting that machine for any jobs its a horrible thing to run.
  2. BIGBEN2004

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    Well thank GOD you only rented it. That would have sucked if you signed the papers on it and never demoed it, and their you would have been a brand new machine that was not up to the task.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    I didn't rent it somebody else did I was burning up their hours :laugh:

    It does prove to me that Bobcat Mini's are not that good. The rental shop only had one size machine it was a 325 for years. They got the larger machine 331 and I never rented the machine before. Glad I didn't rent it to do any jobs what a pile of junk. If you had to try build a rock wall it would be totally frustrating.

    Then what Bobcat calls travel pedals don't work I thought 161 Kubotas were bad the 331s are useless. I had to do what I used to do with the 325 is put your feet against the sticks and push.

    Oh well it saved my dad some work that I got it roughed in now he can rake it up by hand and use the area for storage. It is hard to spread material that coarse by hand you get fill for free you get a mixture. Its all good stuff no brown dirt.
  4. mrsops

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    gravel rat i have a 2005 334 long arm with 900 hrs on it let me tell you something i never had any type of problems with tipping or losing power on a curl maybe that hunk a junk you rented was just an abused machine that nobody cares about.. bobcat doesnt make a great mini ex but they make a good 1. i think some guys on here like to bash bobcat every little chance they get just to say they bashed it :)
  5. grassmanvt

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    have you ever heard gr say anything good about anything though?
  6. mrsops

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    yeah your right LOL but really some people on this site just seem to knock bobcat i cant remember who it was that said a s250 couldnt lift a pallet of sod i almosted droped dead when i heard that my s205 lifts sod and when i had an s250 it would lift allen block that weighs 1500lbs more then wet sod i mean really if your going to knock bobcat make sure you know what your knocking on them
  7. Sunscaper

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    My S 205 does fine with 3k plus lifts. I think alot of people just like to jump on bandwagons. Looks like ASV will be the new bobcat. By May Cat will be the new ASV. I only owned my 205 but I think any machine after it will have VERY large shoes to fill.
  8. mrsops

    mrsops LawnSite Silver Member
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    i agree 100% sunscaper its a bangwagon thing. my s205 is a great machine one of favorite bobcats i have ever owned.
  9. BIGBEN2004

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    Good thing I bought a Takeuchi, everyone seems to always say good things about them.:cool2::laugh:
  10. bobcat_ron

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    All the rental companies here have switched from Bobcrap to Takeuchi and Deere's, same exact problems that GR mentioned is what I hear a lot of.

    Even one of our most experienced operators said that Bobcraps mini's are the worst for pilot controls and machine power, Hitachi, Cat, Komatsu and Takeuchi's are the best ones out there.

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