Running a light off of wireless controller

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ArTurf, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. ArTurf

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    I have the need to run a low voltage light off of a wireless controller such as a Hunter Node. Any thought on how you would go about this? What type of light, doesn't need to be high output maybe something like the small LED headlamps that strap on your head.
  2. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    It could be done. You would need a relay and possibly some other circuitry to make it work. The Node is only going to give you a pulse on and a pulse off. The polarity of the pulse will reverse depending on whether it's an on or an off pulse. I'd have to look around the DigiKey or Allied website to find an appropriate relay but I bet you could make it work. It may however be easier to just find a battery operated timer to do the job.
  3. 1idejim

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    The problem that you're going to have is nodes and others use latching solenoids. There is no constant flow of electricity to operate the light.

    You'll need a source of constant power for the node to work.
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  4. ArTurf

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    Didn't realize nodes didn't put out constant power.

    Plan B anyone?
  5. 1idejim

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    That's the reason them ittybitty batteries last so freakin long. What are the parameters of your project?
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  6. gusbuster

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    Why not a traditonal solar battery storage an issue?

    They sell spot led that work very well at the box stores.....i would try to get an ideal from those things.....around $60 out the door.....

    never seen a solar light except for the hoyty poyty 150 a light fixtures that truly are bright
  7. jbailey52

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    Not sure exactly what your trying to do, but check out the abt wireless zone controller.... We install is as an add on to most of our lighting jobs
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  8. ArTurf

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    Makes sense, never gave it much thought.

    I need to turn on a light in the woods before I get there in the morning for hunting. Just a small output light. It has nothing to do with irrigation but I figured someone here had an idea.
  9. bcg

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    I used to do a lot of night time pig hunting and we built lights to mount to the feeders. This was before LED so we had to use 12V florescent, which required more power than LED, and there weren't any off the shelf 12V photo cells available. Things have changed a lot since then.

    I suggest getting a small 12V battery, a 12V photocell (, a medium 12v solar panel ( and a small 12V LED light like a cheap Malibu fixture from Home Depot for a few dollars and any LED MR16 lamp will do the trick.

    It'll take a little time to build and setup but will give you dusk to dawn light and the solar panel will be able to keep up with the LED's usage so you'll have dusk to dawn light. This will be more natural for the game than something that comes on in the morning also.
  10. Kiril

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