Running a light truck/trailer this time of year?


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I have been running at most my open trailer without trimmer rack/lock basket attached. Some days I just put everything (blower, push mower, hand tools, etc) in the back of the truck if I do not need a Z (usually my bagging unit or a mulching mower. I really look like a hack..BUT I save a ton on gas etc by not hauling all the extra racks, trimmers, mowers, etc. Considering I drive 20-30+ miles on a given route its worth worth every cut I can take. Anyone else doing this? Most of the other guys are still running the same trailer setup they run the rest of the year.


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I agree. Save money at every turn. The new guy posts what size truck/trailer should I get and too many people advocate 1 ton and 20' trailers.

Thing is most LCO's starting out will wear out what they have before they will out grow what they start out with.

I would make things nicer if I had a bigger tow vehicle and trailer. But the key is I get by. My customers get a professional looking job done.

Yes a larger trailer would be nicer so all the debri can be brought to the dump in one load insread of two.

Do I need a larger trailer?


A larger trailer would be NICE but not NEEDED because I'm able to meet the volume of work that I have. So I eat the extra time to drive to the dump.

Now when/if I get the volume of work to buy a new larger trailer then I will. Even if the smaller trailer is not worn out I have a back up. Same said for a 1/2 truck. Business that good I'll buy the 3/4 and again have back up and have truck and trailer to start a 2nd crew.

Thing is you don't need to bring nothing but a large mower, small mower, trimmer, blower, gas can, 2s gas can.

When extra work is needed schedule it. Then you are bringing extra weight/equipment that will make money instead of just burning up money.


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I agree, plan ahead and take what you need.


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My routes require the use of my larger mower so I have to pull the trailer. On occasion I'll load the 36 and the other stuff in the truck but that's few and far between.


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Use what works best. The only people who probably care what it looks like are your competitors, and sometimes they have "the right" set up but don't know squat about lawn maintenance.

You can save several hundred a year in gasoline costs running out of a truck bed. Trailers add 1,000-1500 lbs you have to haul around, plus added wear.

Trailers can cause parking and maneuvering problems in urban areas, small lot subdivisions, and commercial establishments where space is tight. They are probably more likely to have accidents, what with longer stopping distances and hopping curbs or taking out something if one is inattentive.

If one isn't doing a lot of debris hauling or other tasks which need space, a truck can do well if you use a safe and reliable ramp system. These cost somewhere near $1000, so it's not something to do just to save the cost of buying a trailer. You will probably need a trailer around for those times when you do need more space anyway.

I personally find it more relaxing to work w/o the trailer when possible and am sure it is safer for me as I feel the truck responds better to emergency situations than the truck/trailer combo.

DISADVANTAGES: The downside is less cargo capacity of course,

and also a little more load/unload time.

You also might have someone turn his nose up at you because he has a HD crew cab truck towing his 2,000 lb trailer and mower even though he never puts anything in the bed most days.

If you do it get the proper equipment be prepared to work within the limitations. A clean truck of appropriate size with the appropriate ramp and racks looks more squared away than a lot of truck/trailer rigs I see.

Customers won't care. They will care a lot more about how you present yourself and what you know, as well as how reliable you are and the work you do.