running bed edgers "the wrong way"

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GarPA, Feb 24, 2004.

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    I'm kind of embarrassed to even raise this because I already know the answer...but oh well . At the risk of blowing my own horn we do the best bed edging of most everyone in my area.
    On a couple properties the beds are getting built up over time and its getting tough to sqeeeze the auger housing between the edge and the existing mulch. THe nice thing about these machines is you can then just brush back the pulverized soil and mulch over it...wahlah no dirt clods to haul off...

    so then it dawns on me the other day, where the beds are getting too steep, just run the machine the other way and brush the soil into the a week or so it wont be noticed...dahhhh
    Been running these machines for 10 years and that never ran thru my feeble brain....anyone else do it this way when you have no choice? any complaints from mr customer?

    my wife says sometimes I am dumber than the dirt I work set in my ways god forbid I;d think thru the issue and come up with a better solution...
  2. D Felix

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    I see two issues with that:

    1. You'd have to turn the teeth around too. Otherwise your vertical part of the edge will be the wrong way...

    2. If the bed has been built up over the years with the pulverized dirt and new mulch, chances are that your angle will still be thrown off.

    Other than that, if it works, go for it! I'd suggest raking first, then using a blower to spread the dirt into the lawn. You could also blow the dirt back into the bed further than you can rake it too...

  3. GarPA

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    oops...forgot about the auger teeth part of the equation...I AM dumber than the dirt I work in...thanks for the input`

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