Running braided wire or remote valves?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by johnsonslawnmanagement, Aug 10, 2010.

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    We never use braided wire for runs that long & many here have suggested a 2 wire system which makes a lot of sense for that many zones.

    I've used the Hunter 4 zone Smartvalve Controllers - (pain in the a$$ to program for me) Is your water source City water or Grey water, are you operating a demand system or (shudder) are you trying to coordinate the Hunters with a pump start?

    Also, the Smartvalve Controllers will only give you about 100ft. between valves and that's THEIR rating. Reality is a lot less @ 100' there'll be problems with the solenoid if the battery is in the least bit weak. The other draw back is you must use the "special" Hunter valves & coils.

    By the way, you can get field boxes that exceed 6" & you can gang four 1.5" (POS) Hunter valves in them governed by the single controller.
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    I will be first to ask why wasn't any wire run from the begining. Seems like this sould have been thought about before trenching begain.
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    How quickly you forget.
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    i was being polite :waving:
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    No wire was run because there was no existing power anywhere. It was a 49 acre vacant property. Rather than set a temp. Pole and power source, we installed the smartvalve controllers and dc solenoids and planned to remove them, reinstall the ac solenoids ,and run wire when he figured out where his shop was going to be and all the construction was done. There has been a lot of construction, digging, and rediggiing around our irrigated and soded areas. Running wire with the irrigation would have resulted in a lot of breakage and splicing. I'm checking into the 2 wire technology, as 2 wire is a new thing for me. Thanks for the helpful replies.
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    Going with two wire... Saved 2 grand over conventional wiring. And with all the add-ons we will probably do, 2 is definately easier.
    Do have another question: my client wants to be able to ride around and control his irrigation remotely. What's the best way to go about this? I've installed irrigation for 7 years but never one this size and nobody ever requested a " remote control"
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    Depends on which 2-wire system you go with. Most 2-wire controllers require specific brand-name remotes to work.
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    Hunter ACC goes to 99 valves.
    The remote that goes with the ACC unit is affordable.
    Can't believe I just said that after my last experience with the sytem (dee dee dahve dahve):angry:

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