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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BLC1, Mar 26, 2013.

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    I would also like to see more about how your spreadsheet works well with Quickbooks. I tried using numbers, but not sure how it could be used in this fashion except I guess as a checklist?
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    That's pretty much it- a detailed check-list. It doesn't sync with quickboos (or least we haven't experimented with it). I am fortunate enough to have a great office manager and she keeps quickbook up to date daily based off of our spreadsheets. One thing i like about this format is for the solo guys (which i was not too long ago) I can go through the week and just check the work off, make detailed notes and then on the weekends sit down and plug everything into quickbooks. Like i said- it works well for us.
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    I personally have just been pluging everything into QB when I complete the job, and then on my breaks or lunch from my full time job I edit everything accordingly and send email to customer if need be. I work off a iPad so it's easy to carry with me. I also keep paper copy for back up so that if the unthinkable happens with the program and something is deleted then I still have everything. I may start doing screen shots and saving photos on a thumb drive.(I don't have many customers) so it would be much work. I've got to expand and really my goal within two years is to do landscape/lawn care work full time.
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    Watch the 'clip partner program'

    I used to have a excel spreadsheet many years ago and got tired of entering data.
    Clip transfers all data to quickbooks...takes me 5 minutes weekly...or you can use it to do accounting accounts receivable.

    I like that my crews record the data by clicking on start and stop, I download the data from their tablets or smartphones...then upload a new list daily...though for many years I just printed the route sheets
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    I have around 40 weekly customers and I use quickbooks, but I was wanting to take my tablet and do it as I go. How are you guys getting internet when your on your routes?
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    I have a data plan on my iPad mini. It's great for quickbooks online which I use.
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    I am using Jobber synced to QB and my field guy has Jobber loaded on his S4 and receives all of the route info/maps and instructions on each property, at the end of each job he checks it complete, at the end of each month I compile all of the visites for each customer and invoice them and sync the invoices to QB....Done Deal!
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    Jobber checking in here! Thanks for the shoutout Big C!

    I think Jobber would be a great fit for many of you looking to go paperless. We handle everything from customer information and call notes to scheduling, billing & invoicing and more. We have a mobile interface that can be used from almost any modern mobile device including smart phones and tablets. Our customers report significant time savings, better organization, better service levels, and less waste.

    We're a very active and growing company and are adding to and improving the software all the time.

    You can find us at and sign up for a free trial. We don't require a credit card or anything silly like that to check us out, and there are no feature limits during the trial period.

    We also just recently posted an updated Quick Tour video that shows many of Jobber's major features in a quick 14 minute video. Check it out here.
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    Our experience with CLIP has not been a good one. Quick to sell, slow to help and NEVER answer the damn phone when you call. Glitches, emails not being sent (invoices), crashing, locking.......

    If we ever get it up and running like it should, then it "should" be great but their service and support has been horrible. We're going to make do this season and determine this fall to keep or dump it.
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    Stubled accross this tread and found Jobber. I just signed up for the free trial (30 Days) and away I go with my iPad. What a great program. I see this going well for me. Just completed a quote and it was sent to the customer. It is really easy to use. Great job for Jobber.

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