Running more irrigation line, which is easier??

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    Since the people that put my sprinkler system in were shoemakers rather than irrigation specialists, I need to add 3 more zones. I essentially have to take some heads off of some zones and add them to the new ones in order to get adequate flow from the pipe that supplies my house. I'm over 10GPM on some zones and while the sprinklers work I think I could get better coverage if I were able to bring it closer to 7GPM (3/4 inch copper supply).

    I have to run about 200ft of poly pipe. I could dig by hand and try to avoid the existing lines but that would take hours in a hard clay soil. Alternatively, I could rent a trencher and make quick work of the trench but then I would have to go back and repair all the existing poly I severed. What would be the best approach? Also, I was thinking about renting a sod cutter too, that way I don't have to try and cobble pieces of sod together when I'm done.

    Any thoughts?
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    That’s too bad that you don’t have the water volume, but before you start ripping up the countryside you may want to investigate the possibility of using different sprinklers, or different nozzles. Can you switch to a lower flow rate nozzle? Are these fixed spray heads or stream rotors?

    Also, I always make the mistake and think that I can do trenching by hand. More than often this turns out to be the wrong move. I wouldn’t try to dig 200’ of trenches by hand, especially in clay. Problem out here are big rocks, but regardless it would probably be faster and easier to just patch the pipe you break than to dig by hand. Of course, if you have an idea where the existing pipe is, then just dig that part by hand and trench the rest.

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