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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Oct 6, 2009.

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    Very much contemplating running a 8 1/2 x 11 insert in our local (town pop 7K) newspaper this October, advertising fert/squirts for 2010. Would include a coupon toward $ or % off for next season.

    I know that folks are sitting on TG renewals as we speak. TG does A LOT of business in this town. If I can get my info out in front of A LOT of people this fall, I am thinking I can snag a few accounts for next season and easily pay for the insertion and printing costs. I got a few TG and SpringGreen conversions this season, and people are happier with what I do that with the 'corporate' touch.

    What do you guys think of this? Or, should I wait until next March/April to do this> I am planning a one time insert as it is reasonably pricey to do.

  2. Volman

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    i think next march & april would be to late. I think TG will send out renewal notices the first couple weeks of Jan. They try to get the year long renewal asap.
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    volman thx...anyone else's opinion?
  4. phasthound

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    Do not waste money on a one time ad. Sure you're good, but that's what everyone says about themselves. Saying it once rarely makes someone reach for his wallet.

    You will have more impact by targeting neighborhoods you already work in. Whenever you are doing applications, leave door hangers at the 4 closest neighbors. On bad weather days leave door hangers in all neighborhoods you work in.

    Repeat, repeat, repeat. It takes time to build up name recognition.

    Offer existing clients discounts for referrals. And tell them this twice a year, at the end of the season & with renewals. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

    For targeted mailings check out Repeat, repeat, repeat.

    One time shots generally don't pay off. Spend the same money (with some leg work on downtime) on targeted areas and repeat several times.

    Consistency & repetition work.
  5. tlg

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    I would say no. Newspaper ads or inserts are advertising dinosaurs IMO. Especially a one time deal. You don't want your ad with a bunch of other inserts. Believe me it will have little impact. In order to get people to call you will have to really have some sort of ad campaign. Target areas where you want more work. Direct mail these areas. To expect any good return on the newspaper idea. Does anybody even read newspapers anymore???? Last I heard was most of them were going bankrupt or circulation numbers were way down.
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    tlg - Listening, but disagree with respect to newspaper readership in a small town in rural America like I want to market in. Many people here are older and do get the local paper.

    Direct mailers are out, WAY too expensive and the minimum is way over the top for what I would want to do.
  7. ted putnam

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    DA. Take the advice of this man. He is absolutely right. This method will take time but is by far the least expensive and is very and one of the most effective. Especially if you have customers in these neighborhood. I've done this and even written the addresses of present customers on the flyers so they could see some of my work first hand.

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    D&A-Do yourself a favor & listen to Phasthound & TLG... Newspaper inserts are NOT effective-especially without repetition. You should familiarize yourself with marketing strategies. There is something called the marketing pyramid. The top of the pyramid consists of the best response rate (and coincidentally the less amount of $$ spent) Things like soliciting referrals from existing customers, marketing to neigbors of existing clients, block leading, etc... By the time you get done with the stuff at the top of the pyramid, you won't have much time/money left for newspaper inserts:waving:

    If you really want to drum up some new biz, get cleaned up & knock on some doors! I know, it sucks-but it is cheap & gets results:usflag:
  9. zurfsturfcare

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    i did 10 k inserts in our local paper this year, added 14k gross so far, small town older population, I dont have time to do the door to door thing anymore
  10. Pythium

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    I have to agree with phatshound. Speaking from first hand experience. We did 50K in a major newspaper that also included direct mailing to non subscribers for a total of about 75k 8.5X11 inserts. total responses..*drumroll*.....five..and we had our ad professionally done. Boy was I pissed at that. Live and learn. By far our most successful adverts have been referrals and door hangers. Lots cheaper too.

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