Running sprayers with Kohler/Kaw a/c engines

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HLC, Jul 3, 2002.

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    I recently purchased a pull behind sprayer (30 gal/10ft boom/5gpm pump). I have been using my Hustler Shortcut with a 25hp Kohler to pull and run the sprayer. I have only used it approximately 5 hours to spray my place this year since I am not yet licensed. A topic brought up here a few months ago about running lights on Kohler and Kaw air cooled engines got me to thinking that I may cause damage to my electrical system by running this "accessory". My problem is that this is the only thing that I have to pull the sprayer with but if it's going to damage it then I'm not going to use it. I can't afford to get a 4-wheeler or anything else just to pull a sprayer around my place right now. I have the wire harness hooked directly to my + post on the battery and the negative hooked to the chassis ground where the battery is grounded. I know that the pump is drawing greater than 10amps because the wrong fuse was installed initially(10amp fuse blows almost instantly). Called the manufacturer and they confirmed that it should have a 30 amp fuse.

    Any opinions? Anyone else have trouble running sprayer pumps with this engines? Thanks in advance.
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    Should run it fine with no problems.

    Hurt the engine? no.
    Shorten the battery life? somewhat.

    I would worry NONE about your spray set up.

    BUT, get licensed! It's not that big of a deal if you're serious about it.
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    I am almost positive the Kohlers have a 15 amp charging circuit.Electric motors draw 2.5 times there running current to start,this is why you need the 30 amp fuse.So once the electric motor is running,it should draw under 12 amps,so you should be fine,as long as RPM's are kept up high enough to get full charge.I wouldnt worry about it,as long as you battery is good, it will supply the extra current temporarily,then when you shut the pump,the engine will recharge the will be fine,IMO.
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    That kinda sets my mind at ease a little. The reason I got a little worried is a friend of mine who's been in the biz a lot longer than me said that he had messed up something (electrical) on his Walker running accesories and it cost him about $300 to fix. I didn't really pay much attention to him...just figured it was something coincedental. Then when the subject was brought up about running lights someone mentioned that the air cooled Kohlers and Kawasakis weren't meant to run accessories. If that is the case about the 15a charging circuit I won't worry about it....thanks

    Oh, I'm working on the license issue. For now I just need to get rid of some weeds in the horse pasture....the wife is convinced they're going to kill her horses:rolleyes:
  5. No problem I am running a spreader and a pump off my system with no problems.

    Just make sure you have it fuse protected.

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