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Does anyone have any experience or ideas about lawn a rural area? I tried about 3yrs. ago to get a buisness started but found that I was burning more gas getting from one job to the next. Had about 10 accounts but gave it up after 1 yr. There are 2 fairly large towns 40-50 miles away, should I concentrate my efforts there or gradually build where I am. I really do like to cut grass and I am thinking of giving this another go. I still have my equipment except for one mower. Also I have a day job that allows me to work 2 days and be off 2 days. Also this area is a retirement area. Any comments? Thanks Buddy


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Ontario, Canada
Hi buddy, I'm in a rural area too, it makes it difficult to get people to pay decent prices when they aren't used to having to pay someone to do their lawn work. One of the only advantage is that there is very little competition here but that sometimes works against you too. Our local Ford tractor dealership gives away a 18hp Ford lawn tractor with every purchase of a full sized farm tractor. The good thing about that is that the Fords only last about 4 years at the most, then they might call me. We also have a local cottage area and quite abit of my work comes from there, it is where I target most of my advertising. I still work for some of the bigger farmers doing their lawn fertilizing and and spraying because they don't have time to piddle with the lawn when the crops need to be done. You can make the rural thing work but you have to try to line up the jobs to cut your mileage down. I do 4 people in a row but have to load at each one because they are 100 acre farms and about 1/4 mile apart. I am in the center of 3 towns of 10000 people but don't do any work in any of them yet. My farthest drive is 12 miles one way, I split up the days so that each direction adds up to a full day of mowing or work. Next year I will assign one day per week for each of the towns and will line up enough work to make the drive worth it.


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buddy--it's called...hustle your bunns!

just because you aren't in the city doesn't mean that you can't be busy.

just call the distance between cuts..."the cost of doing business".

each year it will get better. trust me.

good luck.



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Its a tough break, but you got to stick with it. Thats how you know that this is what you really should be doing in life. When the going gets tough is when you find out if this is your "choice" career. Try this.....instead of worrying about getting customers all over your rural route, maybe you can focus on one area of that city and it will be worth the drive out there if you have a bunch of accounts in the area. It will take time to build a good customer base in a specific area, but stick with it and you'll do fine if it was meant to be!

After you set up in the city, any customers you get in your area where you live, think of as bonuses!

Good Luck!

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