Rural, Small town application possibility.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tyler_mott85, Mar 17, 2009.

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    I was where you are and thought the ATV sprayer would work so I bought one and started experimenting with it. It didn't take me long to figure out this was not an accurate and professional way to go about it. It can be done but if you are serious about doing this as a professional like I am don't waste your money on this kind of sprayer. I plan on buying a ride on unit when I work things out.
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    some municipalities that sell water to oilfield people and sprayers have a metering device they can hook up to a fire hydrant with an anti-backflow device built in. Where I live they used to sell to the oilfield companies all the time and used one. I would hit up the guy about buying his equipment. I wouldn't give him squat for his customers though unless he has contracts which he probably doesn't in a small town. No reason to buy his clients if their is no competition. I would buy a skid sprayer and keep your cost low the first year to make sure you make it. I live in a town with about 6k people and 3 other applicators here and getting business can be tough sometimes. If there is no competition I would defiantly check into it. I even go to nearby towns to spray. I try to get more than one yard to go that far but next year I will line them out so I can do them all at once.

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    ArTurf - Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience using a sprayer mounted on an ATV. I'd be interested in knowing what equipment you used in your experiment.

    In my case, I have had nothing but good experiences and professional results. I do large tracts of land, pastures and paddocks. None of the popular ride-ons would be as effective, nor handle the rough terrain, as my ATV setup.

    If I ever decide to smaller properties - under 1 acre - and spread granular products I would definitely go with a special purpose ride-on.

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