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Went to place an order today for a Toro product and the guy said they couldn't ship it. I asked why, he said there are certain products they are not allowed to ship. I asked which ones they can ship vs. which one they cannot and he said &quot;its a long list, real busy.. gotta go&quot;. What's up with that? I like the prices. So what can they ship and what can't they ship?<p>----------<br>Mike Reynolds,<br>GrassRoots Lawn Care, Florida


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Melville, NY
The told me the couldn't ship a RedMax EB7001.


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Atlanta, GA
I think the bum rush he gave you on the phone should be enough to make you look elsewhere. Imagine their attitude once they have your money in hand.


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Shoot I called em' just to see if their deals extended to blades. After waiting 5 mins on hold the someone answers the phone, So I ask em' if they've got Raptor blades he sez " NO we don't have those" Click. And hung up on me.. They'll never get a dime from me...

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