rust and tire tracks in driveway? what to use to get rid?

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by tbettis, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. tbettis

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    purchased a honda 2500 psi pressure washer from lowes. was wondering what chemical to use. was thinking about industrial strength clorox, CLR. what u guys recommend?:dizzy:
  2. poolboy

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    Your pressure washer should be able to take out the tire marks. You might try a diluted solution of waster a muriatic acid on the rust stains. But I don't do this as a living, so maybe someone has better advice.
  3. squirtgun

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    Muratic will not remove rust.It will eat away at the concrete and cause it to become powdery.Oxalic acid is a rust remover you can find it at Sherwin Williams and if you look in the deck staining area of Lowes they carry the Olympic brand look for deck brightener.You will have to treat the entire concrete area or it will leave a much lighter spot and you may have to treat it more than once.Some rust stains don't come out,car battery rust is one that is pretty much permanent.
    For the tire marks use some purple power degreaser from a parts store.You'll need to scrub it in with a stiff brush.
  4. tbettis

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    thanks guys

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