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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by 4x4_Hunter, Oct 12, 2005.

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    Once again, my lawn has the rust dust in it where when I mow, the whole front of my mower is full of orange dust by the time I finish. Also, you can see the yellowish-orange color in the grass itself. What do I do to correct this problem? Will it cause the lawn to die out in areas? I have been maintaining the grass very consistantly this year because someone last year told me that it is from lack or maintenance and water. I have watered the lawn quite a bit too. I haven't in the past couple weeks but before that I was watering it a lot. Any ideas? I guess if it won't hurt anything, I can deal with the dust but if it will hurt the lawn, I definitely want to so something about it.
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    It shouldn't hurt the turf. I would just fert to push growth, and mow the rust off...
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    Rust is only a minor problem for turf. It slightly reduces the photosynthetic area of the leaf blade. You can get it on irrigated or non-irrigated turf, under high or low fertility. Learn to live with it.
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    My personal lawn has it now too. There are no adverse side effects that I see besides an orange mower and orange shoes!!
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