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Rust in your eye?


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Odd title for a thread in the commercial forum you say right?

Well I'll explain. In the fall of last year, I was washing and waxing my mom's car when I discovered hundreds of tiny rust spots all over the trunk of her car. Her car had less than 5,000 miles on it, but it was out of warranty being that it was over 3 years old. So I started doing research to see what I could find out about it, to see how a car that rarely leaves the garage could rust like that. I found this site that said cars that are parked in areas of high brake dust, metal shavings, cars parked near train tracks, will experience these pock marked rust spots. I said to Matt, "you know when you sharpen your blades at the garage, could those shavings be causing my mom's car to have those rust spots"? He said, "no way, those marks are like down in the paint, how could those shavings get embedded like that?" I said, "well, there is this thing called a clay bar that claims it will take all those spots out." He says, "i'm telling ya, you are wasting your money buying that." I said, "well we have to try it." Lo and behold, he uses the clay bar as per instructions, and viola!, all the spots were removed.......Amazing, since I was skeptical myself.

FAST FORWARD to 2 weeks ago. Matt kept complaining that his eyes were dry. He said they felt like sandpaper, and he was saying it was cause the air in this house was too dry. I said, "just make an appt at the eye doctor." Well, of course I had to make it for him, but he did go. When he got there, and the lady was examining his eyes, she said, "are you a machinist?" He says, "no I cut grass." Then he says, "Wait, I do sharpen blades." She said, "That's it, there are tiny spots of rust in your eyes." He said, "But i wear safety glasses when I sharpen them." She said, "doesn't matter, those shavings are floating in the air a long time after you are done." She said that some machinists actually have to get their eyes scraped when there is too much buildup, but she felt that with eyes drops, the rust would slowly dissolve. He's been putting the drops in for a week now, and his eyes are no longer bothering him.

Anyone else have problems with the metal shavings from sharpening your blades?


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i believe it. i had a piece of metal stuck in my eye for 5 days before i went to the doc. he used a magnetic pick thing to get it out and than says we have to drill your eyeball to get rust out.:dizzy: actually the drilling was'nt bad because once it is numb you dont feel it anyway.


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simple solution. You call us.......911!!!!:laugh:


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i have had the issue. did go away though with drops. cant remember how i got it, but was not sharpening blades.


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So that's what is wrong with me, RUST on the brain, goes in my ears............and you know the rest of the story.


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i have had my eye drilled out twice. safety glasses do not stop the past and small pieces. safety goggles will though. i doubt all the rust is just from grinding down blades unless you shoot the sparks right towards your face.

Grass Cake

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this should be a PSA sticky!

In the summer of 2008 i had a small metal shaving in my left eye, i felt the constant grittiness,scratching etc. My first visit to a optometrist earned me a eye wash and a 500.00 bill.( he saw nothing, prescribed a pair of glasses,sent me on my way).

The next 6 months, i pushed,pulled,poked so much, the right eye was affected by the grittyness now. With both eyes bagged,bruised and black, i could take no more and scheduled an appointment with a different Doc... Within 2 minutes the NURSE found the shaving and the Doc removed it.

The story however doesn't have a happy ending. My eyes haven't been the same. I have constant blur,grit,irritation. I assume it from a scar.

Please wear quality eye protection and wash your eyes immediately after grinding/washing/filing.


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simple solution. You call us.......911!!!!:laugh:
All we'd do is get there and irrigate the eye. Not exactly a whole lot we can do.

Here is how the call would go....

Fire Fighter/EMT: "what seems to be the problem today sir?"

Patient: "I was sharpening my mower blades about an hour ago and now my left eye is really bothering me"

FF/EMT: "So you called us because your eye was bothering you?"

Pt: "Yes.....was I not supposed to call you for this?"

FF/EMT: "No, thats fine. Here, here's a bottle of water. Hold your eye open and we'll try and wash out your eye see if it helps."

After 10 minutes of irrigating and ambulance still not on scene.

FF/EMT: "Sir, does your eye feel any better now?"

Pt: "Nope, I think it may be a little worse now. Is there something else you can do to help?"

FF looks at partner confused: "What do we do now?"

Partner: "I don't know, lets just put him on O2 and keep irrigating his eye, that way it looks like we know what to do."

Ambulance arrives on scene

FF/EMT: "Oh, thank god they're here."

Paramedic talking to PT: "Sir what hospital would you like to go to?"

Pt: "Go to the hospital?! Can't you guys just help me here?"

Paramedic: "Sir, it would be best if you go to the hospital to get checked out and get that eye looked at."

Pt: "Oh...well, I don't want to be a burdon, so I don't want to go to the hospital, I'll just go to my eye doctor later today."

Paramedic: "Okay sir, sign this piece of paper for us and have a nice day."