Rust, Oh NO


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Grand Rapids MI
I went for a walk in the park yesterday. I was amazed to see an accumulation yellow dust on my shoes. A sure sign of rust. More of a reddish yellow due to the numerous spores the rust infection produces.
This, even though I did not notice it as I walked.
I will look more carefully today.
What is the rust fungus situation in your town?

It is early--potentially it could be a bad year for rust fungus.
More common on perennial rye, and the inexpensive seed types.
In theory--additional nitrogen fertilizer will reduce rust fungus problems.
As far as I know, it is seldom sprayed with a fungicide.


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Has shown up fairly heavy in Ohio already as well the last few weeks. Don’t recall it that early either, hoping the fertility and rains will push it out.


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Seeing it on newer turf areas seeded with a high amount PRG in the mix. PRG is the meth of the turf world. A quick fix now, trouble later.


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Grand Rapids MI
Saw more today. Certain clumps of grass in my daughter's lawn.
Who has the best pictures?
What seed varieties of perennial rye to avoid?
What seed varieties of bluegrass of bluegrass are more susceptible than usual?


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Paxton, NE
Starting to see 1 or 2 spots of rust.. pic is at our shop/folks house. Dad has irrigation cut back since we did finally get a rain. I basically never treat for it. But if someone asks, I’ll throw down a full rate of Headway fungicide and it always clears it up.


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