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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by housesoccer, Aug 25, 2011.

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    Hi everyone, Last month I purchased a brand new Hustler Super Z from my local dealer. It was the last 2010 they had. I had no reason to take a good long look as it was new and under warrantee. But when I changed the oil at 5 hours I was down on the ground looking directly at the back of the mower to a lot of rust. The entire bumper where the name "hustler" is, was flaking off. I then decided to take a much better look. There is rust at the welds and various other areas. I called the dealer and they wanted to give me a can of spray paint. I declined and called the Hustler factory. It took a while after emailing them pics and he suggested I speak with the dealer's owner. Again it took a few calls and I eventually spoke with an employee of the dealer.
    He tried to spin things that I had gotten a good price and should be happy rust and all.
    I explained that I already own a 2006 Hustler and have no rust at all on it. I keep my things nice and do not want a rusty machine from day 1. I went on to explain that it didn't matter whether I got a "deal" (which I have little proof of) or if I over paid. They need to be responsible for the problem. He eventually said that they do not keep all the mowers inside and this was on the lot for a year.
    He offerd to sand some areas down and paint them with sparay.
    Mind you the factory finish is supposed to be better than just spray.
    Do you think this is enough??? Do you think the dealer just does not care and wants to get rid of me fast? What you you suggest?
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    I was going to send you a PM, but you're not set up to do so. Once you get set up, drop me a PM.

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    Just another reason to NEVER discount a new piece of equipment.
    The dealer could not have made enough on this sale to put up with all the agravation this PITA ,who will not ever be satisfied, will cost him. Anybody that buys a discounted mower and then nit picks it will not get any sympathy......Get A Life...

    Look a Gift Horse In The Mouth....Take it and like it....
    Just My Opinion....Have A Nice Day...
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    Hustler has had problems with rust and peeling paint for years. If you do a search on this site, you might come up with quite a few complaints about this. In the past, they had a pretty bare bones powder coating system. It did not do anywhere near a thorough cleaning before the powder was applied. A good system has about 5 or 6 cleaning steps before the application. Hustler had only a 1 or 2 step process. I thought they had upgraded to a better system, but maybe not.
    Post your problem on the Hustler section of this forum. I bet PJ will get back with you.
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    That's just not jiving, You didn't price a 2011 machine and compare that price to the discounted 2010 machine ?

    Your best bet is to take the money saved from buying the 2010 and pay a automotive paint shop to properly treat the rusted areas and touch the paint up.

    Once a customer signs our sales contract they accept the unit in as it sits condition, A scratch here and rust spot there is theirs..... We don't work like WallyWorld.....
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    Paint doesnt mow grass. I mean appearance is everything, but this mower did sit for a year outdoors. Rust should be expected somewhere. If that is the only issue with the mower, i would sand and spray over the rust, then go mow. Discounted machines rarely are 100% PERFECT.
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