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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by cross1933, Sep 15, 2007.

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    I recently moved into a new subdivision and we noticed what is called "rust" in the backyard,not in front yard, of many homes. I was walking in a open area that is part of the subdivision,soon to be a park, and noticed orange coloring on the front of my sandals.The front yard sod and backyard seeding was done by the same company. I do not have rust in my backyard due to my recent reseeding of the backyard, grass is two weeks old. What is the cause of rust, how can this be treated?
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    It is called "rust spot" (there are several different varieties) and appears on lawns when they are not properly fertilized/ and or mowed, but interestingly, I have only seen it on new or relatively new lawns. It is harmful to the grass if left unchecked, but can be a good indicator of when you need to change your fertilizing habits. Too stop it from spreading, fertilize regularly, mow (and bag the clippings), or apply a fungicide that will stop it: Ortho's multi-purpose fungicide works well for this.

    The important thing to remember is that it CAN be tracked around the lawn, or spread by the lawnmower. Bagging the grass takes care of this, but as an extra precaution, you might want to wash off the underside of the lawnmower before you mow a different part of the lawn.

    Hope this helps. . . :weightlifter:

    Good Luck
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    Thanks for the information!

    I do not have any but some friends here do. I will pass this info. on in hopes of helping them out. It is at the point to where it effects what they do in the backyard. The lady was here this afternoon and I noticed here blue shoes were covered in orange on the fronts.
    I do know that they have hired a lawn service to fertilize their yard this year. We were comparing prices and there price was for the full yard while mine was for the front yard only.

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