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rust on grass

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has anyone ever seen rust on grass before? i was up north in southern minnesota for the weekend at my aunts house and i was walking throu her grass and i looked down and there was like a rusty residue all over my shoes. she asked me what it was and i have no clue, i asked her if she watered the grass at all and she said no so its not coming from water and it hasnt rained in over a month so any help would be great
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Ya mean somethin that looks like this.
This is probably more of a fert forum Q but here it goes.

I have seen it before. Seriously it is usually caused by low N. Do a search here. Fert and water really helped mine. It is a widespread problem this year for reasons unknown to me. I had it in a stand of new planted lawn and the established lawn next to it had none. Hit it with N, Ferromec and watered it and it turned around. Fungicides are relatively useless as once it is established its too late for the fungicide. Good Luck.

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