Rust on new varieties of turf


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South West PA
Has anyone else noticed that rust has seemed to be much worse on newer varieties of turf? I have notices many "new" lawns that have it pretty bad. MAny are not customers, only lawns on new homes that I see. I have also noticed it on lawns that have been re-seeded/overseeded in the last couple of years.

I have even seen it (to a lesser extent) on some Double Eagle that I planted last year. DE is supposed to be "Endophyte enhanced for increased disease resistance". IT is not as severe on this turf, but none the less, it is still there.

On a side note. Our local Lesco is in a building that used to house a Zeibart rustproofing store. One day while there, a homeowner came in saying that he had rust, and needed to know what to do about it. I thought it was really ironic that he was coming to that building with that question.


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Rust is a symtom of low nitrogen.

Being that new lawns require much more nitrogen than established turf, rust is much more common.