Rust Rust Rust....getting Real Bad!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PetalsandPines, Sep 6, 2003.

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    HOLY RUST!!! Lawns are getting violated up here in Buffalo by Rust.....Mowed a 7 acre lawn today and could see the orange cloud billowing everytime I made a turn....Everywhere around us has had sufficient rains this summer, however in the city here it has been bone dry for months (with a tiny bit of rain, here and there) This is scary, because there is no rain forecast for the next seven days, the ground is bone dry so giving it a shot of nitrogen could burn the lawn, let alone no water to wash it in. WHAT TO DO?? anyone else experiencing this? Once RUST hits, your lawns instantly stop growing. NO GROW = NO DOUGH$
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    We are having the same problem in Rochester.. Everything comes back to the shop covered in rust.. Boots, mowers, clothes, trucks, and basically everything else that went out during the day... I hate it!!

    The other thing you are probably tired of is the problem with the Norway Maple's this season. Since we got so much rain they are all covered with black spots and are falling off early. When mowing you should be bagging or raking the leaves off, because the trees have a disease and the disease will re-develop next season if the mowed leaves get back into the tree's root system..
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    One solution to this, other than the Nitrogen to let it grow out, since it doesn't sound like you have the adequate water to keep it watered after the N is down in the soil, is Macozeb. A fungicide labeled for rust.
    The tree situation sounds like Anthracnose. A fungus that affecta these trees. It is basically harmless to the tree, although it DOES cause the blackspots and leaves to curl up and fall off (not to be confused with actual Leafcurl). All these leaves SHOULD be picked up with the cuts, though, and disposed of properly. Do not put these in a compost pile.
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    Actually its called tar spot, and is a fungus and Steve is correct in that the leaves should be destroyed. Very common with Norway Maple.
    We have some rust down here too but not enough to slow down the grass. whens it gonna slow down?
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    Could be Tar Spot. That is a whole different fungus altogether from Anthracnose, and has a tar like substance on the leaf when the fungus mixes with the flesh on the leaf. The spots are generally larger than those with Anthracnose, also. Anthracnose is generally a more common ailment, and has more, smaller spots that are almost a deep purple in color around the edges of the spots.
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    We have rust in South-Western Ontario too. What a pain! I just put down some N and am trying something I haven't heard about on this site... Mix Baking Soda + Hort Oil (or soft soap) + water and spray on affected areas. The baking soda is said to quickly remove the rust. The oil or soap helps the soda to adhere to the blades. A added side benefit is it helps to get rid of crab-grass.

    Anybody else heard of this or tried it?
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    Interesting,... that sounds like a "Jim Baker" solution, to me. He comes up with all kinds of cool things, from dishsoap, to beer, to chewing tobacco juice!;)

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