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    Is anybody else having trouble with rust on thier lawns? Seems like most of my accounts have at least small patches of this stuff , and some are completely covered . The spray Co. I deal with said there is nothing they can do , the grass will out grow it . What can I do until then ? The lawns are starting to look pretty bad. How about spreading the fungus? is there a way to prevent carrying this around on the mowers?
    Thanks for the help!

  2. Paint the rust spots green.
  3. Kent Lawns

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    Rust is a fungus that is symtomatic of low N.

    Do 2 things:

    1.) Apply .5#/1000 quick release nitrogen.

    2.) Immediately terminate the spray company you're dealing with as thay are either incompetent AND/OR complacent in dealing with your concerns.
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    Mow frequently and remove clipping, avoid drought stress,
    Daconil (chlorothalonil) will help also as a last resort.

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  6. Kent Lawns

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    NO WAY should you apply a fungicide in any but the severest cases. That's totally anti-IPM.
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    Ive got rust bad on my own lawn and one account.I applied a 20-4-16 slow realse about 2 months ago,so im surprised to see it.My kids are dragging it in the house and its all over my mower.Im holding out and apping another shot this week.I do not want to use fungicides at all on my own lawn,I have to use them at the golf course.

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