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  1. mastercare

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    Okay, I'll try to make this one of my shorter msgs.

    I planted my back yard 4500sqft on memorial day. Mostly a fescue mix her in SE Michigan.

    1. 3 weeks ago, applied Lesco Momentum to get rid of lots of weeds that I must have brought in with the new soil. Weeds are now gone. Also sprayed the front yard, which had been well established years ago.

    2. I'm walking around the yard and have orange/yellow dust all over my shoes. This is only in the back yard, even though I sprayed both. So, I'm guessing its not from the pesticide app.

    3. I've been told it's probalby rust. However, can't get it to rub off onto my figers. Some of the grass has yellow/orange spots on it, from top to bottom of grass blade.

    I've been told its probably rust....but I'm confused why I haven't gotten it on my fingers....also I thought that rust only affects the tops of the blades..

    Please help with possible Id's (if not rust) and cure/treatment.

    Thanks in advance....sorry no pictures.
  2. Pilgrims' Pride

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    Sounds like rust to me still.
    When did you feed the lawn last?
    Rust often shows up in newer, immature turf.
    Most often I'll give it a good feeding and things will be fine.
  3. mastercare

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    When we planted the seed we put down Lesco starter fert (18-24-12). Then every 5-6 weeks have put down lesco 24-0-11 fert. I just did one about 3 weeks ago.

    Thanks again to all those who offer help/advice!
  4. Sounds like rust to me to.its called rust for the obvious reason ..Often it can be caused by cool nights and heavy dews.

    Give it a shot of nitrogen keep it watered and growing ...rust aint the worse thing for your grass to get.
    keep it growing rapidly and mow it more often
  5. Pilgrims' Pride

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    Ya, What Odin said.
    Hows the twins Odin?

    Semper Fi,


  6. Very good bob ...they are mean tho lol like their mama lol
  7. Runner

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    Don't worry about it. It's fairly common in new seeded lawns, often even in the following season. Some nitrogen will take care of it. It will eventually go away.
  8. newguy1976

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    I have recently applied 8 gallons of a compost tea mixture to my 1 yr old lawn. The next day I noticed my lawn has rust. Any suggestions? I am trying to go the organic route. Which nitrogen supply should I use to maintain an "organic" lawn.

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