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Rusty but what a ride

Discussion in 'Tree Climbing, Pruning, Felling' started by Guest, Jun 11, 2009.

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    AS many of you know up here in the northeast we had a good ice storm in dec.

    Last month I got a call from the town road agent. It seems that a neighbor on one of the butting siode streets had a potential problem with a tree in the woods on school grounds at one of the schools i take care of. An oak that the top snaped out of leaning into another tree. My the facilities manager and myself went and took a look. I thought that since it was used as a walk threw from the side street to the school by kids we should knock it down. My boss agreed. So he called a local tree service they told him a month. Nice with a potential safety issue..
    So I told him it had beed some time but i was back practicing climbing, and i could spike up it, put a pull ine in the snapped leader cut it off. then upt another pull line on the stem, and knock it over.

    Now here is the kicker, Last time I had been up a tree that height was 1995. The winter I was laid off from the big B after college. I had a weight problem my whole life so it was tough for me to climb trees i my classes in essex aggie high school and paul smith's college. But I always tried. In november of 2006 I entered a program for obese people to have Gastric bypass. I tried just about everything to looses weight and had given up and just kept gaining. After the lose of my metor Mr peroni { one of my college prof whos yard I kept upfor years after college} I had an interview at a well to do private school as a grounds manager. After my interview i was out side tieing my shoe and i over heard how I would not fit in becuase they could not picture me doing the work. Well I take care of the complete outside of 2 schools by my self with little to no help, roughly 75 acres total. I do it all from snow removal, grass plant's etc.. That i what kept me going all these years.
    As I stated i entered a program for surgery I weighed 522lbs and i had a physical job. I needed to loose 72 lbs for surgery. On january 15 2008 I had successful surgery I have since lost 220 lbs. I feel great and I will not go back. Since surgery I have had so much energy my wife loves it my four year old runs with dad. I have even statred to accomplish some of my dreams. Like climbing Mount washington (done 2 times last year) Now i m starting getting back up in the trees. Granted man am i rustry, Still do it the old taut line method, looking into some of the new assenders but for now It works yes I did spike this tree but I took the whole tree down. With time I will be back working in the trees Hopefully be working part time for myself in a few years, once i can gut wrench more.

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    Thank you. I missed doing tree work all those years. Hopefully I can start my own company in a couple of years, and do it on the side from my full time job with the school dept.

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    Wow thats incredible. You lost more than I weigh by more than 50 or so pounds. I can't imagine what that would be like. Good to hear your climbing again. Most who don't know would not understand what it is like to do tree work.

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