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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Rwise10230, Aug 7, 2005.

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    Im not much of a landscaper....I prefer maintenance. However, I have a lawn where a bobcat went over the lawn repeatedly and made all kinds of ruts that cannot be seen but most certainly felt when I take my mower across them. What is the best way to level this mess out?
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    If they are deep and plentiful, dress the entire rutted area with new screened topsoil, grade, and then re-seed. If there are only a few, and it's a really nice quality lawn, I would use a sod shovel and peel back the turf, and fill from beneath with new soil. Just depends on the timeframe of the damage, and how much $$ the client wants to spend.
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    Depending on how many there are ...

    I have sliced down the middle of tire tracks and peeled the sod back on both sides to expose the rut. Then filled them with loam, flipped the sod back over, soaked the hell out of it, and tamped lightly to even it out. It works great. The only problem is that there is a shrinking supply of people who will get off of a machine to do this not too difficult stuff anymore.

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