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    I purchased a 48 metro this year with the ECS handles. Overall I was pleased with the power, and especially the amazing cut this gave my lawns. This machine is built to last and I only had one concern about it. It seemed to me on some of my "older" lots... meaning grass that has been there for 20 years or longer, it tends to make ruts or even tear the grass. Now I have many accounts in new subs with new, strong grass that took very well and it doesnt do this. Now Ive tried turning much slower and allowing both wheels to move instead of one planted with no response. I was also thinking of adjusting the brakes to have a little more play in them but i'm not too sure. The main reason I'm posting this is because I'm looking to hire next year and I get worried employees will overlook this and tear up some green! thanks:confused:
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    When turning with the belt drive mower as you start to turn the mower let the inside wheel control go to the neutral position and pull slightly backwards to make that wheel freewheel backwards. Your kinda making it zero turn. With a little practice and only doing it when needed you should not have any more problems. At least in my experience with our turf.
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    Thanks for the post. Every belt drive walk behind has the potential to damage a lawn when turning. It all comes down to the condition of the lawn and the operator experience.

    Yes, adjusting the brake tension can help but it is a limited improvement. The tearing is caused by the pivot wheel being locked or not rolling during a turn. To make a belt drive turn sharply you must lock the pivot wheel. You can make more gradual turns by leaving some forward movement in the tire but that may not always be as simple as it sounds.

    The stronger the lawn the less likely the machine is to tear the lawn. Strong roots and a healthy lawn makes this much less of an issue.

    One other alternative is a hydro walk behind. Because the pivot wheel can be reversed by squeezing the drive levers you never need to worry about leaving it stationary while making a turn. In fact the tighter you turn the mower the less likely it is to tear the lawn. It's a lot like running a zero turn riding mower. If you park the pivot wheel in a turn you will tear the grass more often than not. If you put some reverse into the pivot wheel the problem goes away.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.



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