RWD walk behind for hills?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by RugerRedhawk, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. RugerRedhawk

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    Ok, It seems everybody uses a self propelled unit these days. I am on the fence here, will a quality RWD propelled unit really climb up hills? The old yard man FWD I used to use the wheels just spinned, and I ended up having to push it anyway. I've been planning on just buying a pusher, but some RWD units have been catching my eye, if they will really work as advertised.
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    I have a 21" Troybilt that I am not very fond of. It will pull itself ok on moderate slopes. The biggest thing I didn't like is if the grass got fairly long or at all wet it would start clogging up like crazy, I'd have to reach down and pull out huge hunks of grass. I got to where I could hold the dead man switch with my left hand and unclog the chute with my right hand, don't try this as its not really safe. It would also a half dozen times or more a year throw the belt off the transmission which they located in a spot really hard to reach and I've got fairly small arms. The best thing about the mower is the Honda mower which Troybilt thankfully doesn't make.

    I now have moved to a 2 acre heavily sloped lot and bought a Toro 40" Hydro WB with floating deck. Lets just say it works a "little" better than the Troybilt, ok it makes it look like a little *****. I really see no reason to keep the TB, it may be sold ASAP. My back hill is 20+ degrees in a couple spots and it climbs right up it.

    You don't say how much you have to mow but I'd spend some $$$ if you have it on a decent WB. Look at Better Outdoor Products, they are online only but supposedly have some really good CS and have some models that may fit your budget.
  4. RugerRedhawk

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    Yeah I bought a husqvarna RWD with the honda engine tonight. 3 seasons old $125. Starts on one pull. I think i'll get used to the propelled style. It's a 5521RS, only thing i noticed when trying it out is the wheels seem to lock up so i can't always pull it backwards. I think i can fix that pretty easily though.
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  5. RugerRedhawk

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    Yeah, not that it matters, but it's a model 55r21hv
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    You have to let it roll forward a little after letting the drive go, to disengage the ratchet mechanism, before pulling back, I believe.
  7. RugerRedhawk

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    Yeah that's what it says, it does seem a little touchy, but I just mowed and it wasn't a big deal. It was awesome for going up hills that's for sure.
  8. betmr

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    I have a toro, with Personal Pace drive, and if it's the same basic design, you will get used to it.
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    My 21" snapper does great on hills. Its 5 speed, and has a differential axle. Its about 12 years old now.

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