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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by tthomass, Aug 27, 2007.

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    Thanks. I've got two guys that mow all week. On aver 68 a week with the bi-weekly accounts and then if we get ahead (cut all in 4 days) I usually have a Friday job for them. Small one days stuff like mulching a house, brush removal or something. It's worked out great. I give them a sheet with the addresses in order, punch in the GPS and roll. They do their job, come back and park the truck/fuel up and I see them the next day.
  2. tthomass

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    One of my guys was stuck in it for over an hour. I went and picked up stone, rans and errand etc and he only beat me to McLean by 5 minutes. I cheated and took the airport lanes, bypassing the mess :)

    We need to get lunch sir.
  3. tthomass

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    Actually, we stole a wheel off of another farmer's trailer that allowed me to get back or else I wasn't going anywhere until a repair Monday morning. Dad had a new tire put on my rim and enabled the other trailer to be used until I made it back home again to swap wheels/tires.
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    Here's another patio. We wrap up the pool tomorrow and move on to this Tuesday. The flat work (flagstone) has been done and when we started the walls the customer decided they wanted a different veneer. So, had to tell them we'll be back in two weeks while we doubled up to knock out the pool, awaiting delivery of the other veneer. Seeing as their daughter is getting married on it, not really a deadline that is flexible and preferred to stay ahead of schedule. Additionally, my foreman running the pool job tripped down by the river a couple weeks ago and when he caught himself broke his finger. To clarify more, it made an "L" in the wrong direction.....




  5. tthomass

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    Picture from snow removal. That is a beast of a snow blower. Has its own diesel power unit and known to eat Volkswagons. I'm also a bit of an aviation nut. Airshow I went to early summer.




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    Hey what happened to the guy that needed a haircut?

    :) BTW - I'm tellin you - you can't rent the same mini-ex for 1/2 the cost of RU. Other than a stump grinder, I haven't rented any machinery from RU since early July '09....

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    White guy? Fired him.

    I called your guys and they didn't want to deal on a mid size I needed for two weeks. I got a better price from RU. They also pulled the machine off the job for me a returned it later without additional charge when one of the snow storms caught us in the middle of its rental.

    They also take care of a lot of odd things for me. Emergency repairs during snow storms for example. They take care of me and they know I rent only from them. I've used United and they're all a bunch of a**holes to deal with that could care less that I'm there. RU has the best customer service of any company/business I know of (my location anyway). I walk through the shop and everybody from mechanic to manager knows us personally.
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    Any time. better make it soon. I may not be at GU much longer... to one up you we did order $17k worth of tulips...
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    Hey Todd, your a car guy and a fly nut? My old man has one of the coolest deals ever photographed. He is a retired airline/fighter pilot. He flew F100 super sabres in the air guard back in the 60's and 70's. Anyway we had a '57 t-bird that he had pictured on the tarmac with his fighter jet. The cool thing is he has the picture of both the t-bird and the F100 along with both build dates of the 2 machines. They rolled down thier assembly lines the very same day. He also had a '57 fairlane that was built on his 21st b-day, he has had one storied life.
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    Just out of curiousity, the last pic in post #1064, what's going on with the foundation under the patio door? Patched up window, or something from the haunches removed?

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