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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by tthomass, Aug 27, 2007.

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    So roll offs cost you less than dumps? Can you haul a skid trailer with the roll offs? The only reason I ask is bc I'm trying to buy a new truck
  2. mrusk

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    What does the 4400 weigh with just a container?
  3. DVS Hardscaper

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    About 3 yrs ago I had a conversation with a man that used to manage an International dealership. I said to him "I see a lot of new internationals sitting on the side of the road". He said "Yes you do, the engines are junk", his words!

    There are alotta moving companies in VA with the internationals. Lordy, I see alotta broken down brand new international moving trucks on the Dulles Toll road!

    And yes, the Freightliners seem to be the better truck, mechanically. The Mercedes engines seem to be doing very well.
  4. tthomass

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    The one that was totaled was also an '02 but that's all I've run. I don't know the details of the issues but I know the VT365 (aka 6.0L) has issues. Mine have been great for me, just normal maintenance repairs.

    I don't remember the weight of the trucks. I want to say the 4300 is about 16,500lbs. I would guess the 4700 is around 13,000lbs. Normally, we put 5 ton in them and go down the road. If we need more we order it or make a couple trips.

    Anybody using a lead tracking software, such as ?
  5. tthomass

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    Just for you Andrew..........2005 International. We've not really used it since getting it in January and slowly putting it together in the follow months.

    My buddy's tractor trailer (sod farm) went down on him so he's been running it for the past few days to help keep up with deliveries. I like seeing the truck be used and it helps him out. So far so good and this is the one I bought with the new engine. In another two months it will be a heavily equipped snow truck.

  6. tthomass

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    Installing the plants, sod and mulch etc to get this project wrapped up in time for a big party.

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    I'm sorry if you have already answered this. But how do you pay yourself? Are you on salary or just draw a paycheck whenever you finacnially need it?
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    I've been browsing this thread for the last few days, an hour here and an hour there. All I have to say is I am impressed to see someone who is a few years younger than myself that has his act together as much as you do. Congrats on the success and growth of your business!

    I'm not in the lawncare/landscaping/hardscaping business...yet, but I am educated in marketing and have noticed that both proturf and yourself have something in common with your businesses besides the obvious. Both of you have put time, money and effort into building your BRAND more so than marketing a product/service....very wise of you, imo. Every swinging dick with a truck, shovel and mower can go out and "market" the same services y'all are offering, they will likely get business for their marketing efforts. Building your brand and then providing your brand with more exposure via your targeted marketing efforts will cause customers to seek YOU out rather than always chasing down your next contract. Keep working your plan my friend!
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    I have a salary, nothing glamorous and put a lot back into the company. If the year is strong I can take a draw at the end of the year if I wish to but the bills come first. We are in our 8th year now and there has never been a month that every bill was not paid 100% in full.

    You might be onto something Bryan.....
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    Fireplace we are currently building for a customer.



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