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    i know nothing just trying to comprehend hardscaping.

    are you guys saying that the footer would have been 36" thick and then put the fire place on top of a 36" thick slab and he has it on a 4-5" slab on top off agg. now you guys are saying just under the fire place or the entire patio
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    I know around here if a wall is less than 48" top to bottom of footing then you don't need a permit.

    Basically if you try to do a good job with a correct poured footing you get screwed. We just usually pour a nice deep one anyways and hope the inspectors don't catch on, 4' or so usually does it. It's not like they are going to dig it up after the fact.
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    I spoke today with another local contractor that builds a lot of fireplaces. He is familar with where I am working and I asked about the additional depth. His opinion was based on the particular town the work is being done in due more to soil conditions and stabilization in softer soils. As the particular area I'm working in everyone refers to as a "rock" with the clay and shell rock.....he had no concerns after I explained how everything was constructed and how I am finishing it. My thoughts are very similar to his and maybe we are both wrong from a book's perspective but everyone I've spoken with is many years ahead of me in experience and do not express any concern.

    While I do understand the point opinion and those I have asked bring it down more to where we are working. Softer soils, hills etc.....different story from this application. I'm sure some will still disagree but I've pulled my info from some of the areas most well respected and if they had bad work, they wouldn't be in business as long as they have. Who knows, out of an itch in the back of my head I may do it anyway on my next one in this particular area as I do not want a failure in my work.
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    I mean no dis-respect, but I do not agree with "soft soils", "hills", etc. Northern Va has the same weather as western MD, ok, well maybe a 5 to 10 degree temperature difference. "Soft soil" can heave just the same as any other soil.

    I am not going to be one of these guys that sits at their keyboard telling others what to do :) But, you do incredible work, and we ain't seen nothing yet! Because of your talent, I am certain that in the coming years you're going to land some SWEET, UNIQUE jobs.

    One of the things that has set my company apart from others is the fact that we take the extra step to ensure our work will last forever. My favorite is when other contractors tell homeowners "geo-textile fabric is not necessary, if you want it it's an additional charge"! That is the biggest load of crap I have EVER heard! If you're truely the best - then such a product is STANDARD! You don't allow others (clients and other local contractors) to dictate your your company's standards!

    When you complete a job and you leave, your clients are tickled pink with what they just paid you tens of thousands of dollars to do. Its from this point where we contractors keep our fingers crossed that nothing happens to even the slightest disappoint a satisfied client.

    Todd, I have no doubt that you are going to rise above most of us here. My suggestion to you that you do not leave out any aspects of a job that will give your client and you piece of mind that it will last forever. Again, you're the PRO, don't let your fellow local contractors set your company's standards, and don't let your clients be your company's quality control. You have a true talent and a good head on your shoulders, you set the standards and live by them. Overtime you will be known for being the best by homeowners and by other contractors.
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    DVS good post.

    Todd do a footing on the next!

    Every type of vertical masonry we do always gets a compacted subgrade, geotexile, six inches of 57's compacted and then a footing 42" below grade.

    Infact we just poured 5 yards of concrete for footings today.
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    Certain townships and counties here require permits for an outdoor fireplace.

    Poured a pad today for an overdig area. Used 4 pilot holes 38in deep.
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    I do not take offense to any of ya'lls posts. We all learn here.

    Its just that in this application I have never seen it done any other way. As I said, I see the point and I'm sure I will be making alterations in the future.

    From the "hills" comment it is more towards reference of retaining the load of the soil behind it. A 2' footer is common here in most applications.

    I'll post more pictures once the job is completed in the next week or so......pending the plants. My customer I know pretty well and friends with his son etc......he's also the manager of one of the local quarries. We went 300' down to pick out the boulders for his house......nobody else has these! Just think of #57 that is around 3'......match nicely with the slate/granite.

    Thanks DVS......don't mention the $100 I slipped you ;)

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    DVS that was heart felt and inspiring. and believe it or not i have very few who belive i will be sucessful. thanks
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    Its so nice to see everyone getting along as well as they do on this site. Sorry I couldn't let that go....
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    I feel that 98% of the folk here are decent people that do mean well.

    The problem with this site is that the hardscaping stuff is more or less limited to one page. It would be nice if there could be seperate pages; 1 page for technical construction info, another for pic sharing, another for business talk (estimating, employee management, marketing, legal affairs, etc), another specifically for start up folks to use, and so on and so forth. Overall, as a whole this message board does have what I listed seperately. It would be nice if they did some tweakingg and fine tuning and created a hardscape site of all it's own.

    Ok, sorry bout my little rant RWF, I'm steppin off my soapbox now!

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